Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE)

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Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE)

Applicants who fall under the following categories can submit an application through the Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE).

GCE O-Levels
GCE A-Levels
International Students
ITE (Higher Nitec/ Nitec)
Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident (SCPR) (including returning) with full-time local or foreign qualifications
Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident (SCPR) with a minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience


You can search for your desired RP courses online or browse through our collaterals such as the RP Prospectus. You can also attend events such as the RP Open House and Course Counselling sessions to find out more about our diploma courses.


Application for entry to Intake Year 2020 will open from Nov 2019 to Apr 2020.

The DAE application schedule based on the respective qualification type is as follows:

International Qualifications (excluding SPM/STPM/UEC/GCSE/IGCSE) 11 Nov 2019, 2pm - 25 Nov 2019, 4pm
UEC Qualifications 18 Dec 2019, 2pm - 20 Dec 2019, 4pm
23 Dec 2019, 2pm - 27 Dec 2019, 4pm
GCE O-Levels/Integrated Programme Year 4 (Phase 1) 13 Jan 2020, 2pm - 17 Jan 2020, 4pm
GCSE/IGCSE Qualifications 17 Jan 2020, 2pm - 24 Jan 2020, 4pm
GCE O-Levels/Integrated Programme Year 4 (Phase 2) 26 Feb 2020, 2pm - 4 Mar 2020, 4pm
GCE A-Levels/International Baccalaureate 21 Feb 2020, 2pm - 28 Feb 2020, 4pm
SPM/STPM Qualifications 5 Mar 2020, 2pm - 12 Mar 2020, 4pm
Returning SCPR with other qualifications 12 Mar 2020, 2pm - 19 Mar 2020, 4pm
Nitec/Higher Nitec 23 Mar 2020, 2pm - 9 Apr 2020, 4pm
  • Returning Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (SCPR) and ex-polytechnic applicants, excluding current RP students, may submit their applications under the respective qualification types.

  • Applicants can submit an online application, indicating up to 3 choices, through our application portal. To submit an online application, please click here.  If you need help with your application, please refer to our User Guide here.


Applicants who have applied through the DAE may be invited for an assessment.
  • The assessment is designed to assess your aptitude and your suitability for the course.

  • An invitation to attend an assessment does not guarantee admission to the course.

  • Admission to RP is based on academic merit, assessment outcome (if any) and available vacancies 

The DAE assessment schedule for invited applicants is as follows:

GCE O-Levels/ Integrated Programme Year 4 - Phase 1 12 Feb 2020 - 14 Feb 2020
GCSE/IGCSE Qualifications Feb 2020
GCE O-Levels/ Integrated Programme Year 4 - Phase 2 20 Mar 2020 & 23 Mar 2020
International Baccalaureate Mar 2020

Posting Outcome

All applicants will receive the outcome of their DAE application via email based on the following schedule.

International Qualifications (excluding SPM/STPM/UEC/GCSE/IGCSE) By 31 Mar 2020
UEC Qualifications By 31 Mar 2020
GCE O-Levels/Integrated Programme Year 4 (Phase 1) By 31 Mar 2020
GCSE/IGCSE Qualifications By 12 Feb 2020
GCE O-Levels/Integrated Programme Year 4 (Phase 2) By 10 Apr 2020
GCE A-Levels/International Baccalaureate By 31 Mar 2020
SPM/STPM Qualifications & Returning SCPR with other qualifications By 31 Mar 2020
Nitec/Higher Nitec By 29 Apr 2020


For more information on the online enrolment as well as what to do after enrolment, please refer here