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Chinese Ensemble


Republic Polytechnic Chinese Ensemble was founded in 2014 by a group of zealous students who had passion in Chinese music. The interest group’s vision is to cultivate the students with artistic talents to perform with confidence and raise awareness to the community in appreciating Chinese cultural music.

Chinese Ensemble has performed at various platform such as RP’s Graduation Ceremony, Overtone I & II at Reflections Arts Festival 2017 & 2018 and #Re:Imagine with collaboration with Open Score Project at the Reflections Arts Festival 2019.

Chinese Ensemble focuses on string instruments such as guzheng, pipa, yangqin and erhu. The interest group strives to break new grounds by playing repertoires with a modern touch to it. Under the tutelage of Gildon Choo (Co-Founder of the Open Score Project), the group hopes to continue making great music and spread the love of Chinese cultural music to the community.