Dharma Endari

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Dharma Endari (Malay Dance) 


With a strong foundation in the five traditional Malay dance genres such as Asli, Inang, Zapin, Masri and Joget, Republic Polytechnic's Dharma Endari (RPDE) aims to preserve the elegance of traditional Malay Dance as well as explore the vibrancy of Contemporary Dance.

Under the expert tutelage of Mr Fathurrahman Said, the interest group has attained several accolades since its inception in 2005. In 2012, Dharma Endari clinched the first runner up position in the ‘Fiestari Dance Competition’ and second place with the title "Best Choreography" at ‘Persada Juara Tari Competition’ in 2014. They have also been invited to perform at significant events such as Zapin D’Muara’ for Singapore Arts Festival 2010 and the ‘Asia Tri Jogja Dance Festival 2007’ in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Since 2008, RPDE has featured annually in Republic Polytechnic’s two major dance platforms, Momentum Dance Festival and MUSE Dance Concert.

In 2016, the interest group produced "Chaya - Sinar & Menyinari" where members progressed to the next level as Choreographers and conceptualised their very own dance routines for the production.