Indian Cultural Group

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Indian Cultural Group 


Republic Polytechnic’s Indian Cultural Group (RPICG) was created with the vision of promoting Indian arts and culture in the campus.

The group comprises of two divisions, Dance and Drama. Under the guidance of Ms Kavitha Krishnan, Creative Director of Maya Dance Theatre, the Dance sector is involved in Republic Polytechnic’s annual dance platforms, Momentum and MUSE. In 2015, RPICG was very honoured to be part of the SG50 National Day Parade celebrations.

Nakshatra”, is an annual Theatre production that is staged by the Drama sector of RPICG.

Apart from show direction, members go through the production process of scripting, casting, conducting rehearsals and put the show together solely on their own.  

In 2011, the group received the Gold Award Certification, Best Supporting Actress and came in third placing at Arangam Drama Competition.