Modern Dance

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Modern Dance


Republic Polytechnic's Modern Dance Group was formed in 2006. Brought together by a common passion for contemporary dance, the members synthesise movements and dance techniques into their performances.

The interest group has actively participated in a wide range of performances such as Republic Polytechnic’s Official Opening in 2007, Heritage Festival 2007, ASEAN Night 2006, Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame 2010, ExxonMobil Campus Concerts, Evocation 2010, Electric Dreams, Emblazon 2015 and The Next Wave by NUS Dance Ensemble in 2017.

Modern Dance is also featured annually in Republic Polytechnic’s annual dance platforms such as Momentum Dance Festival and MUSE Dance Concert. These events provide opportunities for students to amass a wealth of exposure and experience in their showmanship and craft.

Under the guidance of Jacqueline Yap from The Royal Dance-Off (TRDO), the interest group is bonded by the values of commitment, dedication, teamwork and self-discipline. Modern Dance explores and redefines the ever-evolving dance form of the contemporary and modern.