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Replug (Acoustic Band) 


Replug is an acoustic band made up of versatile musicians who perform unplugged music. Using sounds produced by acoustic instruments, the group redefines songs and create its own version enabling members to express freely.

With talented musicians honing their music and vocal talents, Replug ensures audience leave their performances satisfied with good music. The interest group has actively participated in various events at Republic Polytechnic such as Open House, Jam and Hop for Orientation Programme, Graduates Night, Graduation Ceremony, CCA Fiesta, Reflections Arts Festival, IGNITE! Music Festival, Flames Award Ceremony and Glitz.

They have also been invited to perform at external events such as Stage without borders @ SCAPE, Youth Olympic Games 2010, YFest 2012 and many others.

Replug has created renowned musicians in the Singapore music scene such as Tabitha Nauser, who clinched the second runner-up position in ‘Singapore Idol (Season 3)’ in 2009 and Sufie Rashid who was the winner of the Malaysian singing competition ‘Akademi Fantasia’ in 2015.