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RP Selatra (Seni Silat)


Known as ‘RP Selatra’, the Republic Polytechnic Silat Group comprises of members whom are keen to preserve and develop the ancient art forms of Silat, ‘Seni (Artistic)’ and ‘Tanding (Sparring)’.

Under the tutelage of Mr Ismail Bin Ishak and Mr Muhammad Nurfahmy Bin Fareed, the team has progressed in performance standards and achieved awards at various competitions. In 2019, RP Selatra clinched fourteen Gold, three Silver and four Bronze medals as well as clinched the Best Male and Female Athlete title and emerged as Overall Champions for the Tertiary Silat Competition.

With an aim to increase the confidence level of members in both Seni and Tanding, the interest group challenges itself to try out new and advanced techniques.

Continuing their zest to promote this traditional and time-honoured martial art form, RP Selatra has participated in various outreach platforms and brought glory to the institution.