Style Groovaz Crew

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Style Groovaz Crew (Hip Hop) 


Believing in the motto “One Crew, One Love”, Republic Polytechnic Style Groovaz Crew was formed by members with a passion for Hip Hop in 2004.

Under the guidance of Muhammad Farhan (B-Boy True Colours) from Radikal Forze and Muhammad Zaihar from O-School, Style Groovaz Crew is exposed and trained in other genres such as Dancehall, Waacking, Krump, Popping and Locking. The group is fortunate to have a diverse alumni body who are ever ready to mentor and share their knowledge. 

Apart from performing at Republic Polytechnic’s annual dance showcase, Momentum Dance Festival and MUSE as part of Reflections Arts Festival, Style Groovaz Crew actively participates in various Hip Hop competitions in Singapore. In 2016, the team clinched the second-runner up position in Super 24 Dance Challenge