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Service-Learning Club


Republic Polytechnic Service-Learning Club (SLC) was founded with a purpose of making a difference and change in youth, inspiring them to become future leaders in the community. It is an enriching experiential platform for students to serve local and international communities and students stand to gain tremendously from these experiences.

With the SLC, you will be given the opportunity to showcase and hone life skills including leadership, project management and community collaboration skills. Through these projects, you will gain valuable experience managing projects from its conceptualisation to execution as well as professionalism through collaboration with partners.

These projects not only make a difference in other people’s lives but leave a positive impact through your active involvement.

Interest Group under SLC:


DEAFining wishes to increase the awareness of deaf community and culture. Made up of hearing impaired students and hearing students, it hopes to build social inclusion through working together on S-L projects and open communication.