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Formed in September 2005, the strength of Canoe Sprint Interest Group (Canoeing IG) stands at a total of 22 paddlers.

Despite being one of the youngest in the local canoeing scene, the team has achieved numerous triumphs in inter-tertiary competitions and has been nominated, yearly, for Team of the Year at RP’s Sports Excellence Awards. Through unwavering commitment and perseverance, Canoeing IG continues to propel itself to new heights.

Our paddlers also believe that sports can be used as a social tool to make a difference for society. They were recently involved in the People’s Association Kayak Buddy Programme at Jurong Lake Gardens where they taught students from Grace Orchard School how to kayak. In 2018, the team went for a Paddy Project where they distributed rice to families. The event received much positive feedback and the team looks forward to more of such opportunities to contribute to the community.