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Dragon Boat


Starting with a mere 20 paddlers, RP Dragon Boat has since grown into a recognisable and formidable force in the local dragon boat racing scene, with over 50 dedicated male and female athletes.

The team’s list of achievements is ever growing, with titles and medals from both local and international races, including several POL-ITE titles from past years. The team aims to achieve excellence in both the sport and academics, through discipline, perseverance, commitment, and sportsmanship. Members of the team will be given the chance to develop their character as well as to showcase their leadership skills. We believe strongly in team spirit; no member of the team will be left behind in our fight to achieve.

RP Dragon Boat also seeks to contribute to the community around us, and regularly participates in community service projects. The team looks forward to growing stronger and better each year. With endless energy and passion for the sport, RP Dragon Boat will strive hard to continue bringing glory to the school and the team.