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Established in 2012, Republic Handball (RPHB) is a team that was brought together by our passion and dedication for the sport. We welcome experienced and new players who are looking to have a good time and grow together as a team.

Handball is a contact sport which consists of 7 players (in a team): a goalie, centre, pivot, two backs and two wings. It is a combination of basketball, soccer, and netball. The game is usually played in an indoor court which is equivalent to three basketball courts.

Our Mission: To bring honour to the school and club while creating an uplifting atmosphere for those around us. At RPHB, we build on one another’s characters while striving for excellence on court and off court.

Both the Men’s and Women’s teams have been participating in annual competitions such as invitational Polytechnic-ITE (POL-ITE) Games and have held podium finishes.

IG: @republichandball  

Q. When & Where would the training sessions be held?

A: Every Tuesday & Thursdays, 5pm to 7pm @RP Basketball court

Q: Do I need prior experience to join RP Handball?

A: We welcome anybody & everybody, even those with little to no experience with the sport.

Q: Is there a lot of contact in this sport?

A: Handball is a 7v7 sport, that has some contact when attacking & defending. However, it does not have as much contact as other sports such as rugby.

Q: I have other commitments & may not be able to commit fully for trainings.

A: We strongly encourage our members to attend most trainings if possible to meet the overall 75% attendance requirement.

Q: What you need to bring for training?

A: Running shoes or Court Shoes (preferable), Water bottle & Sports Attire

Q: How can joining Handball benefit me?

A: Handball can help you keep fit, expand your social circle, build on your social skills through teamwork & teamplay. It can also benefit you as an outlet to relieve stress from schoolwork.