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Founded in 2009 by five taekwondo practitioners, Taekwondo Interest Group (Taekwondo IG) has grown to its current strength of 70 members. Besides instilling basic Taekwondo values, the group’s leaders play significant roles in guiding the members and fostering discipline, integrity, and mutual respect for one another.

Led by Mr Leon Koh, the team is determined to raise its own profile in the Taekwondo scene, and has participated in various competitions such as the Inter-Tertiary Taekwondo Championships, MOOTO Open Championships, and National Taekwondo Poomsae Championships.

Taekwondo IG works hard to explore possible ways of repaying RP for the immeasurable assistance it has been providing to the team. Since 2010, they have been organising their own annual event, Ladies’ Fight Night in RP, equipping female students with basic self-defence knowledge and skills which one day may save their lives.