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Republic Polytechnic Student Council (RPSC)


Republic Polytechnic Student Council (RPSC) is made up of elected Executive Committee Members and representatives from various RP schools.

Our aim is to:

  • Be the face and voice of RP Students
  • Promote the Republic Student Code of Honour
  • Work with management to improve the welfare of RP Students
  • Develop leadership initiatives and conduct training programmes for RP Students
  • Work closely with the Club Representatives to build a positive school culture

RPSC strives to enhance the image of RP as an institution of choice and ensure students are well taken care of, making RP an ideal place to live, study and develop leadership competencies. The council also practice the Republic Polytechnic’s Code of Honour for all peers to learn from.

As a student councillor, you will be involved in Leadership development platforms which includes the following:

  • Student Leaders Camp - Camp Renaissance

  • Student Leaders Investiture

  • Dialogue Sessions with Senior Management

  • Leadership Skills Workshops

  • Leadership Developmental Opportunities in RP

  • Open House

  • Orientation Programme

  • Pre-U Seminar & Poly Forum

  • Other prestigious invitations from external organisations

National Youth Achievement Award – Leadership


National Youth Achievement Award Interest Group (NYAA IG) serves to promote participation in the NYAA programme within the RP student community. 

Launched in 1992, the aim of the NYAA Programme is to encourage young people to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance, and a sense of responsibility. The programme also aims to develop students into all-rounded individuals through the four NYAA sections: Service Learning, Outdoor Appreciation, Healthy Living, and Community Leadership Initiative  

We assist our members towards their NYAA program achievement by organising and publicizing NYAA-related activities and attend to general enquiries.

We are a fun-loving and committed group, and we welcome any student to join us in our activities. 

Find out more about us through our Instagram account (rp_nyaa). Hope to see you!