Life Skills

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Life Skills in RP 

Life Skills are modules aimed to imbue students with the values of REPUBLIC Code of Honour, build their mental and physical well-being, enhance their social emotional awareness and equip them with 21st Century Competencies.

Life Skills is made up of 3 modules namely: G951, G952 and G953. G951 is a physical module catered to improving student’s fitness through a combination of sports and aerobic fitness. The mode of delivery for G952 and G953 is typically done through face-to-face lectures and forum theatre relating to practical day-to-day general knowledge of issues around them that require their attention. For instance, topics like Acquiring Cultural Quotient CQ - Understanding Cross Cultural, Local and Global Affairs, Financial Literacy and Sexuality Education would be covered during the length of their time when undertaking these modules.

Through these varied activities, RP students will develop as problem solvers, all-rounders and responsible citizens with a passion for lifelong learning.