Learning and Teaching at RP

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Learning and Teaching at RP 

Learner-centred, inquiry-based approach to learning

Since its inception in 2002, Republic Polytechnic (RP) has leveraged Problem-based Learning (PBL) as a deliberate instructional approach for all its diploma programmes. PBL was adopted to help students construct an extensive and flexible knowledge base; develop effective problem-solving skills; cultivate self-directed, and lifelong learning skills; as well as become effective collaborators, in keeping with the demands of a knowledge-based economy. To complement the use of PBL, and to cater to the varied demands of different disciplines, RP expanded its use of instructional strategies to include other learner-centred, inquiry-based strategies such as Cognitive Apprenticeship (CA), Interactive Seminar (IS), and Project-based Learning (PBL).

Professional Development

To provide for a complete experience of learning at RP, a comprehensive range of academic professional development courses from foundation to specialised areas such as facilitation, curriculum design and academic research is in place to support the teaching faculty.

Problem-Based Learning Institute

The Problem-Based Learning Institute (PBLI) was established to provide differentiated, Problem-based Learning (PBL) oriented training programmes and consultancy services to external organisations who are interested to build PBL competencies as part of their learning and development solutions. Our programmes and services are grounded in RP’s expertise in applying PBL. This is supported by the robust, multifaceted research carried out by the Centre for Educational Development and its rich experience in the design and governance of PBL practices at RP.

Leveraging Problem-based learning

PBLI offers a one-stop service for PBL training, research and consultancy. With a wealth of first-hand experience garnered from 15 years of PBL institutional implementation, the institute can help individuals, institutions, and corporations build competencies in the development and implementation of PBL practices.

PBLI’s experienced trainers have expertise in  

  • PBL curriculum design across disciplines
  • Facilitation of PBL lessons and learner-centered lessons in different domains 

The Institute’s involvement with local and overseas stakeholders includes   

  • Providing PBL training for local and overseas organisations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their learning
  • Working with collaborators locally in Singapore, and from countries across South-East Asia, and Australia

Services Offered

Training: PBLI offer two main types of training  

  • Public workshops for individuals who would like to develop their general understanding of PBL principles and related competencies to achieve desire outcomes, such as facilitation skills
  • Customised workshop for organisations who are keen to explore the use of PBL for a specific project or purpose and require targeted assistance with implementation to achieve their desired educational outcomes

Consultancy: PBLI’s consultancy services are wide ranging and are designed to meet individual and organisations learning and implementation needs in your particular domain or discipline 

  • Reviewing and providing assistance in the design and implementation of PBL curriculum
  • Reviewing and providing assistance in the delivery of PBL practices, for example in facilitation, problem crafting, and curriculum design

Research: To deepen the Institute’s training and to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning in PBL, research is undertaken in the following areas

  • Student learning and outcomes
  • Facilitation
  • Curriculum design
  • Staff Development
  • Assessment

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