Engagement & Benefits

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Discover our People and Family-Oriented Organisation

#1 Our Commitment

In Republic Polytechnic, we believe that a happy employee will be an engaged and effective employee. Working in RP is not just about work. We are a people- and-family-oriented organisation. Our focus on people drives our goal to encourage a culture of teamwork and collaboration. Our family-oriented culture means that your personal and family commitments are equally important to us.

The initiatives we have put in place allow us to provide an environment that supports employees’ healthy lifestyle and work-life integration.

A happy and engaged workforce is our goal.

#2 Our Benefits

Here are some benefits you can look forward to if you join us!

  • Staggered Working Hours
  • Telecommuting Scheme
  • Blue-sky Fridays
  • Eat-with-your-family Day
  • Medical and Dental Benefits
  • Flexible Benefits (FlexiBen@RP)
  • Newly-wed and New-born Benefits

#3 Our Programmes & Facilities

Here are some wellness programmes and facilities available for our employees!

  • Complimentary Annual Basic Health Screening On Campus
  • Themed Talks on Health, Family and Personal Well-being
  • Fitness Classes, Healthy Food Making Workshops and Mass Workouts
  • Health and Wellness Bazaars
  • On-campus Child Care Centre
  • Olympics-sized Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Sport Courts, and Staff Recreation Room etc