ECG Programmes

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ECG Programmes

Career Workshops

Career Workshops are organised throughout the academic year. These workshops will equip you with new knowledge and skills so that you can make your career choices with greater confidence.

Examples of workshops conducted in the past include:

  • DISC Profiling
  • Career Planning
  • How to Make a Career Choice When You’re Undecided?
  • How to Make Smooth Transition from School to Work?
  • Grades vs Skills. How do all these match up?
  • Creating Your LinkedIn Account
  • Planning for Further Studies

Look out for our email announcements regarding these workshops!

Career Workshops

Career & Industry Talks

Organised throughout the academic year, our Career & Industry talks give you insights into different industries and companies. These talks will guide you through various career options available in the labour market.

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Industry Talk

Employment Opportunities

Looking for a part-time job during your vacation? Want to get your first full-time job after graduation? 

You may consider taking a look at these job portals.

You can register on this site to receive job email alerts for suitable jobs that match your specified preferences.

You can also attend on-site interviews and recruitment by employers who are invited by RP. 

Look out for our email announcements about such employment opportunities!

Career Networking Session