ECG Counselling

ECG Counselling

“What are you interested in?”
“What do you value most in life?  
“Are you more of a do-er or a thinker? An organiser or a creator?” 
“If you have gone for an internship, what are your strengths in the workplace?”
“What are your opportunities out there in the real world?”
“What skills or qualifications would you like to pursue?”

Our friendly and passionate ECG Counsellors provide individual counselling and group guidance to help you discover more about yourself, explore various opportunities with you and develop career plan to kick start your future career journey at RP.

Visit our RP Career Centre or email us to schedule an appointment with our ECG Counsellors!

ECG Counsellors


Career Counselling

"The counsellor was very detailed and informative about her knowledge and was able to understand my scenario and provide me with knowledge that I can't find online.

- Year 1, SAS"

"I learn more things about myself. I learn new types of resumes and different type of career options. It is very inspirational.

- Year 2, SOI"

"The counsellor really understood and gave me very good pointers that are essential in the working world.

- Year 3, STA"