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ECG Counselling

“What are you interested in?”
“Are you more of a do-er or a thinker? An organiser or a creator?” 
“What are your opportunities out there in the real world?”

We can help you answer these questions!

Our friendly and passionate ECG Counsellors provide individual counselling or group guidance to help our students make sense of the world of work and explore various career opportunities.

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ECG Counsellors


Career Counselling

"The counsellor was very detailed and informative about her knowledge and was able to understand my scenario and provide me with knowledge that I can't find online.

- Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science student, SAS, Year 1"

"The counsellor understood and gave me very good pointers that are essential in the working world.

- Diploma in Arts & Theatre Management student, STA, Year 3"


"The counsellor explained many things in great detail and was very realistic about the situation and gave insightful answers.

- Diploma in Wellness, Lifestyle & Spa Management student, SOH, Year 3"