RP launches RP-LTA Rail Operations Management Lab and RP-RSA-Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre at Open House 2019

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Republic Polytechnic launches RP-LTA Rail Operations Management Lab and RP-RSA-Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre at Open House 2019

RP-LTA Rail Operations Management Lab

Students enrolled in Diploma in Engineering Systems & Management (DESM) and Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) can now receive immersive learning experience and supplement their course curriculum with hands-on practice to prepare them for the real working environment - thanks to the new facilities.

Graced by Dr Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Communications and Information, who officiated the opening of both facilities and witnessed the signing of two memoranda of understanding (MOU) – the first between RP, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), SMRT Corporation and SBS Transit (SBST), and the second between RP and Ensign InfoSecurity. 

As emerging technologies and market forces create new disruptions across many industries, Singapore needs a highly-skilled and adaptable workforce that is ahead of the curve. Republic Polytechnic is delighted to work hand-in-hand with our industry partners LTA, SMRT, SBST, RSA and Ensign InfoSecurity to further deepen our students’ specialised skillsets and knowledge across the urban transport and cybersecurity fields.
Mr Yeo Li Pheow
Principal/CEO of Republic Polytechnic

Launch of Rail Operations Management Lab & MOU Signing with LTA, SMRT and SBST

The lab combines LTA’s rail operations expertise with RP’s engineering strengths, and contributes towards the goal of developing a skilled rail workforce with both deep technical expertise and crossfunctional capabilities. Through the lab, students from the DESM will be trained to take on significant roles in an OCC. This is done through an authentic, realistic and immersive learning experience, where students can gain exposure on the driverless railway systems currently being used in Singapore’s transport network. Through simulations, students will also have the opportunity to build up their crisismanagement skills to better deal with emergency situations.


Launch of RP-RSA-Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre & MOU Signing with Ensign Infosecurity

RP-RSA-Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre

The new RP-RSA-Ensign InfoSecurity Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre.

With the prevalence of cyber-attacks, Singapore is deepening its cybersecurity capabilities as part of its Smart Nation initiative. The centre will focus on research in the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile malware, specifically on cyber threat monitoring and threat intelligence for IoT and mobile devices which will enable RP students in DISM to encounter and manage realistic cyber threat scenarios as part of their training.

The facility is equipped with high-end industry-standard security monitoring hardware, with RSA providing the security monitoring and analytics hardware/software while Ensign InfoSecurity lends its technical expertise in creating decoy network systems, designed to trap and track hackers. With this system, Ensign InfoSecurity will provide guidance to students to analyse the attacks and learn about the cybercriminal’s motives, tactics and tools. In addition, both organisations will provide technical experts and security analysts so students will have opportunities to work alongside industry professionals and gain exposure to leading solutions and technologies.