Needy Student Fund

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The Needy Student Fund (Student Pocket Money Scheme and Student Emergency Money Scheme) helps students from low-income families sustain their daily expenses and tide over financial difficulties or emergency situations (e.g. loss of main breadwinner in the family, hospitalisation, major illness, death, accidents, etc.).

Student Pocket Money Scheme (SPMS)

SPMS assists students from low-income families who find it a challenge to sustain their daily living expenses such as food, transport and other incidental expenses. 


  • $150/month (up to a max of 6 months per academic year)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Singapore Citizens/ Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Full-time student of RP
  • Per Capita Income ≤ $450 or Gross Household Income ≤ $1,800

How to apply

  • Singaporean students are to apply for bursary first. Approved bursary recipients with PCI ≤ $450 or GHI ≤ $1,800 will receive a notification email to apply for SPMS.
  • Singaporean students who apply for bursary during the mass application exercise in Semester 1 (Apr) will receive a notification email in June to apply for SPMS, if they qualify.
  • Singapore Permanent Residents students will receive a notification email in May to apply for SPMS.

Student Emergency Money Scheme (SEMS)

The Student Emergency Money Scheme provides compassionate assistance to students from low-income families, to help with recent emergency and/or crisis situations.


  • $1,000

    *Note: A needy student can benefit from this scheme only once per academic year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time RP student
  • Per Capita Income ≤ $450 or Gross Household Income ≤ $1,800
  • Recent family crisis/emergency situation (e.g. death, terminal illness or accident/hospitalization of immediate family members etc., within 6 months)