Subsidy for Student Overseas Travel (SOT)

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RP supports the holistic education of our students. Students who are interested in going on Student Overseas Travel (SOT) initiatives, such as Study Trips, International Service Learning Projects, Industry Immersion Programmes, Representation Trips or Clubs & Interest Group Trips, and require financial assistance can apply for a subsidy under Opportunity Fund (OF).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time Diploma Student
  • Singapore Citizen


Per Capita Income (PCI)  or  Gross Household Income (GHI) Funding Amount
PCI ≤ $1,000    or   GHI ≤ $4,000  $1,400
PCI ≤ $1,725   or   GHI ≤ $6,900  $700


  • Eligible students will be allocated a cap of $1,400 or $700 per candidature for their SOT trips; roll-over of the balance is allowed until $1,400/$700 is exhausted or if the student has utilised OF for 3 trips.
  • Eligible students must ensure that they have obtained RP approvals to participate in the overseas trip before applying for the subsidy. Students must submit the completed application form to the staff-in-charge of SOT.