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Fees-Related Questions

What is the penalty for late payment?
The Polytechnic reserves the right to pursue legal action or deregister student if the amount remains outstanding.

How can I check my school fee payment’s status?
You can check your school fee amount, transaction history and other student finance-related information by logging to the Student's Portal.

If I repeat a semester, will I have to pay the full school fees?
You will only have to pay for 50% of the school fees if you meet the following criteria –
(1) You are in your seventh Semester or more
(2) Modular credit taken is less than 10 modular credits

If you do not meet these two criteria, then you will have to pay the full school fees.

Payment Modes-Related Questions

What are the various payment methods in RP?

Interbank GIRO

The recommended mode of payment is by eGIRO.
To apply, please submit GIRO application online via RP’s eGIRO portal.
You may refer to the User Guide on procedure.

*For newly enrolled students, your RP account will be activated after your completion of the on-boarding process. You will only be able to submit your GIRO application via RP’s eGIRO portal after your RP account has been activated.

Commonly asked questions regarding eGIRO

a. What is the purpose of submitting an eGIRO? Can I use my parent’s account to set up?

A valid GIRO arrangement enables you to make hassle-free payments to RP through your bank account. It also enables RP to promptly perform any refunds and disbursements such as scholarships, bursaries, academic prizes, etc. to students. You may use your own bank account or parent's account. You will be prompted to login to your internet banking once you have selected the bank of your choice.

b. I do not have a SingPass account. Can I use another method to login to eGIRO portal?

You are required to login using SingPass account. Please refer to https://www.singpass.gov.sg/main/html/faq.html on how to register for a SingPass account.
For other SingPass related questions, please go to https://www.singpass.gov.sg for more information.

c. What is the processing time for the GIRO application to be approved?

For applications submitted via RP’s eGIRO, the processing is estimated within 5 working days to be reflected in Student's Portal.

d. How do I know if the GIRO application is approved?

Upon approval of GIRO application, the bank account information will be updated into Student’s Portal (under Financial Matters => Accounts maintained with RP).

If there is no record found in Student’s Portal, you would need to apply online via RP’s eGIRO.

e. When will be the GIRO deduction be carried out?

You will be notified of the deduction date via your RP email account in the form of invoice at least 1 week before the deduction date e.g If the deduction date is 15th February, students will be informed by 9th February.

There is only ONE GIRO deduction for each semester after the tax invoice is sent.

f. How do I know if my GIRO application is in time for deduction?

The invoice you receive will state that your fees will be deducted via GIRO on a stipulated date. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your designated bank account on the stipulated deduction date.

g. How to terminate/ change the bank account for the GIRO arrangement?

If you have applied eGIRO via RP’s eGIRO portal, please login to the portal to terminate. You may refer to the User Guide for more information. Processing time for termination of GIRO will take about 5 working days from the date of successful submission.

If you have previously submitted your termination request, you may then submit a new eGIRO application for the new bank account via RP’s eGIRO portal.

h. In the event I do not wish to maintain a GIRO arrangement with RP, how can I receive bursary?

If you do not have GIRO arrangement with RP, you could submit Paynow information through RPConnect. Bursary after offsetting outstanding fees will be credited into the bank account via Paynow (Paynow account must be NRIC-linked to student).   

i. What is the date for each semester’s tuition fee GIRO deduction?

Academic Term  

International Student


Semester 1 Mid March End July
Semester 2 Mid September End December


This refers to online payment with major credit/debit cards (VISA and MasterCard) and PayNow. Here are a few things to take note of when making such forms of payment:
1) Existing students, please pay through Student's Portal.
2) For ex-student, please pay here.
3) Retain a copy of the acknowledgement of made payments.


Payment can be made via your mobile banking app. You just have to take note to indicate your student name and student ID in the “Reference/description” field.

Network Electronic Transfers (NETs) at SAM Machines Island-wide

Network Electronic Transfers (NETs) payment can be made using an ATM card at the SAM Machines island-wide. Here are several things to bear in mind when paying NETs payments:
1) Key your Student ID and the amount payable
2) Remember to obtain the payment receipt once the payment is completed

SingPost Branch

Payment can also be made at any SingPost Branch via Credit Card /Cash/NETS. You just have to take note of the following:
1) Indicate your Student ID and the amount payable to the cashier at the point of payment
2) Remember to obtain the payment receipt once the payment is completed

Pay via SAM Web and Mobile

Payment can be made online at https://mysam.singpost.com/ via Credit Card/ Debit Card.

Please note to:
1) Indicate your Student ID and the amount payable on-screen
2) Retain a copy of the payment receipt once payment is made

Payment via Flywire

RP has partnered with Flywire to provide you with an easy and secure method of paying your school fees from overseas.

Flywire offers competitive foreign exchange rates and allows you to:
  • Track your payment from start to finish
  • Pay from any country and any bank (bank transfer, Credit Cards, etc.)
  • Save on bank fees
  • Receive peace of mind with dedicated 24x7 multilingual customer support.
Go to rp.flywire.com to learn more about Flywire and pay your fees. Please click here for detailed payer guide.


Financial Schemes-Related Questions

What is the deduction priority for the Financial Schemes?
i. Mendaki Tuition Fee Subsidy
ii. Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)
iii. CPF Education Loan Scheme (CPF-AES)
iv. DBS Tuition Fee Loan

How often do I need to apply for Financial Schemes?
Once the application for any financial scheme is approved, it will be valid for the entire duration of your course. There is no need to re-apply for the same financial scheme every semester. Please note that the PSEA ad-hoc withdrawal application is only for a one-time deduction.

I am an international student, what are the financial schemes that I can apply for to aid my studies?
International students can apply for Tuition Fee Loan and CPF Education Loan Scheme.

Do I pay for my tuition fee first before my application for a financial scheme is approved?
Students are liable to pay for the tuition fee if the application for the financial scheme that is not submitted during the application period, if the approved financial scheme does not cover supplementary fees, you need to pay for the supplementary fees separately.

Can I apply for more than one financial scheme?
Yes, you can apply more than one financial scheme subject to your eligibility criteria. For more information, please visit our website.

CPF Education Loan Scheme Questions

Do I still have to pay my tuition fees if I apply for the CPF Education Scheme?
It is subjected to the following:
i. Percentage of loan quantum
ii. Available withdrawal limit of the CPF member

Please note that supplementary fee is not covered by CPF Education Loan Scheme.

How do I cancel my CPF Education Loan Scheme for tuition fees?
You must submit the CPF Education Revocation Form online, to revoke the authorization for use of your CPF savings for education. You must then make arrangements to settle your tuition fees by other payment method. 

How do I change the CPF account to be used to pay my fees?
Student should complete a hardcopy application form AES/F1 and attach a signed letter stating the request to change the account to CPF Board.

DBS Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) Scheme Questions

Why do I need to download digibank?

Digibank is required for the purpose of authenticating your identity when applying for the loan online. Also when you go through the digibank authentication process we will then be able to auto-populate the digital form with your personal particulars based on the Bank’s records to save you the hassle of filling it in.

Additionally, having digibank will subsequently allow you access to the Bank’s numerous digital services such including the following service requests which are related to your loan:

  • Change in Loan Quantum / Change of First Disbursement Year and Semester
  • Deferment of Loan Repayment and/or Interest
  • Change of Guarantor
  • Loan Repayments

Am I able to submit my loan application digitally without digibank?

No. Digibank is required for the digital loan application.

Can I choose to submit the hardcopy application form at the Branch instead?

Submission of hardcopy application forms are currently only applicable to applications if their Guarantor is a Foreigner that is neither working nor residing in Singapore. You may email help-schoolfee@rp.edu.sg to request for an application form. Students are required to go personally to DBS Raffles Place Branch for the hardcopy submission.

Why do I need to open an account?

Currently only Foreigners need to open an account while registering for digibank as there are additional verifications that are required to be completed that can only take place during account opening.

However please be reassured that there is no financial commitment that is required of you as accounts such as My Account do not require minimum balance, initial deposits, and there is no service charge.

What if I’m unable to submit or encounter difficulties in submitting my application?

You may contact DBS Customer Support if you encounter any difficulties.

Am I able to check the application status after I have submitted the application online?

Yes. Once you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and steps to guide you through on how to retrieve and check your application status.

How long will you take to process my loan application?

We will process your application within 7 working days from the day we receive the full application i.e. after the Guarantor completes his/her leg of the digital application. Do remind your Guarantor to continue the application after you have submitted your leg of the application. To avoid unnecessary delays, please also do watch out for any emails from the Bank in case we need to reach you for further clarifications/documents.

Will I be notified after my loan application is processed?

Yes. You will receive a letter from DBS once your loan is processed.