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Fees-Related Questions

What is the penalty for late payment?
The Polytechnic reserves the right to pursue legal action or deregister student if the amount remains outstanding.

How can I check my school fee payment’s status?
You can check your school fee amount, transaction history and other student finance-related information by logging to the Student's Portal.

If I repeat a semester, will I have to pay the full school fees?
You will only have to pay for 50% of the school fees if you meet the following criteria –
(1) You are in your seventh Semester or more
(2) Modular credit taken is less than 10 modular credits

If you do not meet these two criteria, then you will have to pay the full school fees.

Payment Modes-Related Questions

What are the various payment methods in RP?

Interbank GIRO

The recommended mode of payment is by GIRO. It may take up to about two months for the bank to process and approve your GIRO.
For new student, you may submit the GIRO Application Form via the Business Reply Envelope.
For Existing student, you may submit theGIRO Application Formto RP Drop Box D located at RP One stop centre.

Here are a few important things to take note of when making your application:

1) All amendments/overwrites should be countersigned by applicant
2) Correction fluid/tape is not allowed
3) If account is operated by thumbprint, please bring the form to bank for endorsement
4) Double-sided printing is not allowed
5) Full name is required in the Account Holder Field
6) Please ensure the signature / thumb print on the form is the same as in the bank’s record.

Each student should only maintain ONE GIRO account with RP, for both deduction and refund purposes. Students on GIRO scheme will be notified of the deduction date via their RP email account in the form of tax invoice at least 1 week before the deduction date.

There is only ONE GIRO deduction for each semester after the tax invoice is sent.

A valid GIRO arrangement enables RP to perform any refunds and disbursements such as scholarships, bursaries, academic prizes, etc. to student promptly. Student may use his/her own bank account or parent's account.

For students who intend to change their GIRO account, they are required to inform the bank of the termination of the current GIRO instruction. Student must then re-submit a new Giro application for the new bank account to be established with us.

How do I know if my GIRO application is in time for deduction?
The tax invoice you receive will state that your fees will be deducted via GIRO on a stipulated date. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your designated bank account on the stipulated deduction date.

Is it mandatory to submit the GIRO application form?
The recommended mode of payment is by GIRO. A valid GIRO arrangement also enables RP to promptly perform any refunds and disbursements such as scholarships, bursaries, academic prizes, etc. to students. Students may use his/her own bank account or parent's account.

What is the date for each semester’s tuition fee GIRO deduction?

Academic Term  

International Student


Semester 1 End March End June
Semester 2 End September End December


This refers to online payment with major credit/debit cards (VISA and MasterCard) and PayNow. Here are a few things to take note of when making such forms of payment:
1) Existing students, please pay through Student's Portal 
2) For ex-student, please pay here.
3) Retain a copy of the acknowledgement of made payments.


Payment can be made via your mobile banking app. You just have to take note to indicate your student name and student ID in the “Reference/description” field.

Network Electronic Transfers (NETs) at SAM Machines Island-wide

Network Electronic Transfers (NETs) payment can be made using an ATM card at the SAM Machines island-wide. Here are several things to bear in mind when paying NETs payments: 1) Key your NRIC/FIN and the amount payable 2) Remember to obtain the payment receipt once the payment is completed

SingPost Branch

Payment can also be made at any SingPost Branch via Credit Card /Cash/NETS. You just have to take note of the following: 1) Indicate your NRIC/FIN and the amount payable to the cashier at the point of payment
2) Remember to obtain the payment receipt once the payment is completed

Pay via SAM Web and Mobile

Payment can be made online at https://www.mysam.sg/ via Credit Card/ Debit Card.

Please note to :
1) Indicate your NRIC/ FIN and the amount payable on-screen
2) Retain a copy of the payment receipt once payment is made

Network Electronic Transfers (NETS) via Payment Kiosk

Nets payment can be made via Payment Kiosk at One-Stop Centre (RPC level 1) during its operating hours.

1) Please ensure that you have the student ID when making payment
2) Please retain your transaction slip for your reference

Payment via Flywire

RP has partnered with Flywire to provide you with an easy and secure method of paying your school fees from overseas.

Flywire offers competitive foreign exchange rates and allows you to:
  • Track your payment from start to finish
  • Pay from any country and any bank (bank transfer, Credit Cards, etc.)
  • Save on bank fees
  • Receive peace of mind with dedicated 24x7 multilingual customer support.
Go to rp.flywire.com to learn more about Flywire and pay your fees. Please click here for detailed payer guide.


Financial Schemes-Related Questions

What is the deduction priority for the Financial Schemes?
i. Mendaki Tuition Fee Subsidy
ii. Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)
iii. CPF Approved Education Scheme (CPF-AES)
iv. DBS Tuition Fee Loan

How often do I need to apply for Financial Schemes?
Once the application for any financial scheme is approved, it will be valid for the entire duration of your course. There is no need to re-apply for the same financial scheme every semester. Please note that the PSEA ad-hoc withdrawal application is only for a one-time deduction.

I am an international student, what are the financial schemes that I can apply for to aid my studies?
International students can apply for Tuition Fee Loan and CPF Education Scheme.

Do I pay for my tuition fee first before my application for a financial scheme is approved?
Students are liable to pay for the tuition fee if the application for the financial scheme that is not submitted during the application period, if the approved financial scheme does not cover supplementary fees, you need to pay for the supplementary fees separately.

Can I apply for more than one financial scheme?
Yes, you can apply more than one financial scheme subject to your eligibility criteria. For more information, please visit our website.

CPF Education Scheme Questions

Do I still have to pay my tuition fees if I apply for the CPF Education Scheme?
It is subjected to the following:
i. Percentage of loan quantum
ii. Available withdrawal limit of the CPF member

Please note that supplementary fee is not covered by CPF Education Scheme.

How do I cancel my CPF Education Scheme for tuition fees?
You must complete and submit the CPF Education Scheme Revocation Form to the RP One-Stop Centre. You must then make arrangements to settle your tuition fees by other payment method. 

How do I change the CPF account to be used to pay my fees?S
Student should complete a hardcopy application form AES/F1 and attach a signed letter stating the request to change the account to CPF Board.

Suspension of Repayment and Interest Accrual of DBS Tuition Fee Loans Related Questions

What are the types of loans eligible for the one-year suspension of repayments and interest accrual of government loans?
The loan suspension will apply to government loans, namely the Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) Scheme and Study Loan (SL) Scheme, from 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021. 

Who is eligible for the one-year suspension of repayments and interest accrual? Do students who have withdrawn from study and have outstanding loans qualify for the one-year suspension?

All graduates, regardless of nationality, who have an outstanding TFL or SL are eligible for the suspension of repayment and interest accrual of government loans during the suspension period. Students who have withdrawn from their courses and have outstanding loans also qualify.

Do borrowers need to apply to qualify for the one-year suspension of repayments and interest?

All graduates who have outstanding TFL and SL will be eligible and be given automatic suspension. They need not apply to qualify for the suspension.

Can borrowers make repayments during the suspension period?

Yes, borrowers who wish to continue to make repayments during the suspension period can continue to do so. They can approach the bank to make the necessary arrangements

Will the repayment and interest accrual for overdue repayments accrued before 1 Jun 2020 also be suspended during the suspension period?

Yes, all repayments and interest (standard and penalty interest) will be suspended from 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021.