Mendaki Tuition Fee Subsidy

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Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy for Malays (Administered by Mendaki)

Students who are Malay Singapore Citizens or children of Malay Singapore Citizens, and whose per capita monthly income (PCI) of below $2,000 will be eligible for the following TTFS subsidies.

Per Capital Income (PCI) Eligible Subsidy
$1,400 and below 100%
$1,401 and $1,700 75%
$1,701 and $2,000 50%

How to Apply

Application can only be made through the Yayasan Mendaki Tertiary Financial Assistance Scheme website. Only online application will be accepted.

Application Period

Semester 1: 15 Feb - 30 Apr
Semester 2: 15 Sep - 31 Oct

For more information

Visit the Yayasan Mendaki website, contact Yayasan Mendaki at 6551 2840 or email them.