Post Secondary Education Scheme

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This scheme allows students to use PSE Funds to pay for Tuition Fees as well as other fees.

Singaporeans or students with Singaporean siblings who have Post-Secondary Education Account (PSE) may apply. PSEA is not a bank account. It is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and is automatically opened for all eligible Singaporeans.

How to Apply

Students can get application forms from RP One-Stop Centre. Alternatively, they may download the PSEA Standing Order (SO) form.

This is a one-time application and will apply to all future withdrawals until the SO is terminated or replaced. If a student has already submitted SO in ITE, it will be transferred across and automatically be applied to his or her cost of Tuition and Supplementary Fees in Republic Polytechnic.

Application period:
Before 30 April for Semester 1
Before 30 September for Semester 2
* If application is submitted beyond the application due date, it is deemed to be meant for the following semester

Ad-hoc Application for Use of PSEA

Students can download the PSEA Adhoc Form for a single and specific withdrawal. Students will have to submit the ad-hoc withdrawal application forms for each specific withdrawal.

Termination of Standing Order for PSEA

Students can also terminate the Standing Order for their PSEA by filling up the PSEA Standing Order Termination Form.

For more information

Please visit MOE’s webpage for more information on PSEA. If you would like to check the balance in the PSE account, contact MOE at 6260 0777.

Note: For students who have applied for PSEA (Standing Order) and CPF Education Scheme, please note that deduction will be made from PSEA first. Deduction from CPF account will start only when the fund in PSEA had been exhausted.