Further Studies

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Further Studies

Further studies pathways

As an RP graduate, you will be pleased to know that every diploma offered is recognised for articulation into a Bachelor’s degree either for a university in Singapore or universities across the world.

With these advance-standing arrangements, you may be exempt up to first year of the degree. 

For local universities information, please visit here. (For RP students and staff only. Login required)

For overseas universities information, please visit here

Learn more about the various education pathways available to you upon graduation here. (For RP students and staff only. Login required)


Preparing you for University Application

University spots can be quite competitive. Besides academic grades, universities may also evaluate applicant’s non-academic achievements. 

RP offers a series of webinars and workshops to prepare you for university application. These webinars and workshops are structured for Year 1 to Year 3 students, and are conducted by the respective School and RP Career Centre. 


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