Student Overseas Travel

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Student Overseas Travel

At RP, students have the opportunity to learn and grow in the global setting. The education journey will take on a holistic experience as students apply their academic learning through programmes organised under the Student Overseas Travel (SOT).

RP has 5 types of SOT:

  1. Study Trips – Students go overseas for industrial visits and meet specific learning objectives
  2. Overseas Internship Programme – Students intern in international companies to gain a global perspective and understanding
  3. International Service-Learning Project – Students execute a service-learning project to share their knowledge and expertise
  4. Interest Group Trips – Students from a club or interest group sharpen their skills and talents through meeting counterparts in other countries and visiting centres of excellence in their craft
  5. Representation Trips – Students go to an international competition to represent RP or Singapore

RP SOT has taken our students to China, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Cambodia. These are a few of the countries which our students have been to.