Special Education Needs

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Special Education Needs

Republic Polytechnic (RP) is committed to building an inclusive community, which promotes a culture of understanding, and mutual support that enhances the learning experience and development of students with Special Education Needs (SEN). 

Special Education Needs (SEN) team has been specifically set up to cater for students with SEN. It will tap on relevant resources (within and outside of RP) to provide transition and support services to meet the individual needs of our students with SEN. Some of the assistance RP provides includes:

  • Academic Support Arrangements

  • Greater Accessibility Arrangements for Examinations

  • Provision of Assistive Technology Devices and Support Services

  • Referral to Counselling and other Support services

Students meeting at Student Care Centre

Students at the Student Care Centre

Contact Information

To find out more about the available SEN services and funding, please contact:

Special Education Needs Unit 
W1, Level 1, South Agora (located in the Student Care Centre) 
RP Enquiry Form: https://for.edu.sg/rpcontactus

Operating Hours:
8:30am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

*In view of Covid-19 situation, our Counsellors will continue to support students via e-counselling platforms*

AT Cabinet

Assistive Technology Devices

Assistive Technology refers to any device, software, or equipment that helps students with Special Education Needs circumvent their challenges so they can learn, communicate, and function.Such examples include provision of walking sticks, text to speech software, or even specialised keyboards for those who may due to mobility issues.

RP has set up an AT Devices Loan Library for students to loan and test out the devices before they consider purchasing it for themselves.

To find out more about how to loan or purchase the AT devices (using MOE SEN Fund), please contact us via the RP Enquiry Form.

Ramp around RP Campus

Accessibility of Campus

To ensure good accessibility of RP campus, we have a diverse range of infrastructure that is user-friendly to our spectrum of students, including those with physical and sensory needs.