About RP Freshman Scholarship

What is it? 

The RP Freshman Scholarship is offered by RP in partnership with industry partners and organisations. It is for the current O-Level and ITE students who are planning to enrol into any full-time RP diploma as first year students.

This bond-free scholarship is valued at $3,000

Do I qualify?

Do I qualify? 

To qualify for the RP Freshman Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident
  • Be a current O-Level or ITE student
  • Have ELR2B2 raw score ≤ 14 for O-Level Prelim exam or raw cGPA (first 3 semesters) of ≥ 3.80 NITEC or ≥ 3.60 Higher NITEC
  • Have a CCA Grade of Excellent/Platinum
How to Apply?

How to Apply?

You can apply with your school prelim results [for O-Level students] or cumulative GPA (3 semesters) [for ITE students] from 14 Dec 2023 to 7 Jan 2024.

Rachel_RP Freshman
RP Freshman Scholarship eases the financial burden of my family, allowing me to focus on studying and excelling in my studies. 
Rachel Anne Chew Hsien En
RP Freshman Scholarship Recipient
Diploma in Environmental & Marine Science
School of Applied Science
Alumna of Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)
My dream is to enrol into a local university to pursue a direct honours degree in physiotherapy. The RP Freshman Scholarship has motivated me to work hard and maintain good academic results. 
Seow Woon Suan Shevon
RP Freshman Scholarship Recipient
Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science
School of Sports, Health and Leisure
Alumna of West Spring Secondary School
Seow Woon_RP Freshman
WONG KAH MUN 21043753
Education has always been my highest priority in life. The RP Freshman Scholarship means a lot to me as it is a testament to my hard work.  
Wong Kah Mun
RP Freshman Scholarship Recipient
Diploma in Business
School of Management and Communication
Alumna of Beatty Secondary School


RP Freshman Scholars will enjoy the following benefits:

Bond Free

Bond-Free Scholarship

The RP Freshman Scholarship is a bond-free scholarship. You do not need to serve any minimum period during or after your course of study. 

Cash Quantum 3000

$3,000 in Cash

You will receive $3,000 in cash which can be used to pay for your school fees as well as other expenses.

No Interview

No Interview Required

The Scholarship is awarded based on outstanding academic results and excellent CCA grade.

RP Leadership Programme

RP Leadership Programme

You will be groomed with soft skills and given opportunities to represent RP in joint-poly or other prestigious events to build your confidence and make a positive impact in the community.