Academic Information

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Academic Information

A regular module of 4 modular credits is typically made up of 13 one-day learning engagements across 13 academic weeks. Modules with less than 4 modular credits may have less than 13 learning engagements. You may refer to Republic Polytechnic’s Academic Calendar here.

Module Grade

Each Module Grade (MG) will comprise 2 components, namely Continuous Assessment (CA) and Summative Assessment (SA). All continuous assessment (CA) grades will be taken into account in the computation of the CA component of the module grade. The SA component comprises the Mid-Semester Assessment (MSA) and the End-Semester Examination (ESE)*.

*This is applicable to modules of 4 modular credits. For modules of 2 modular credits, there will only be one summative assessment i.e. End-Semester Examination, and the SA component of the MG will be based solely on the ESE grade.


Attendance at all scheduled classes and assessments are compulsory. Students who are unable to attend class(es) or Summative Assessment(s) because of illness covered by a Medical Certificate (MC) or other reasons as acceptable by RP may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) within a stipulated period.

Students are expected to be punctual for all lessons and assessments and should make allowances for heavy traffic and other causes of delay and to ensure they arrive for their lessons and assessments on time. For Summative Assessments, students who arrive at the assessment venue 15 minutes or more after the assessment start time will be prohibited from taking the assessment.

For further details on academic matters, students are strongly advised to read the information available in the Student Handbook.


Graduate & Student Records

Statement of Results

The Statement of Results (SOR) is a document that contains all endorsed modules and grades completed by the student at the point of request. It can be accepted by local universities for admission applications.

For more details on the SOR, please refer to here.

Certification of True Copy

Students/graduates who require RP to certify their RP Diploma Certificate, Academic Transcript, or official Statement of Results as true copies may book an appointment via this Booking Form. Students/graduates should book at least 3 – 5 working days in advance and bring along the original copies of their documents for the certification.

Employers or staff of other higher learning institutions who require diploma verification may refer to the OpenCerts page for more details. 

Updating of Personal Particulars

Students are required to provide up-to-date information on their personal particulars and that of their next-of-kin’s (NOK). Please click here to update your particulars.