Course Deferment/Withdrawal

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Course Deferment/Withdrawal

Application and Submission 

Students who would like to apply for deferment/withdrawal from Republic Polytechnic (RP) can do so by submitting an official request as follows:

1. For Year 1 newly-enrolled students who have not started any lessons in RP:

a. Deferment Application Form, click

b. Withdrawal Application Form, click

2. For currently enrolled students of RP:

Apply through SNApp ( > Academics Matters > Course Deferment/Withdrawal


For applicants below 21 years old

Parent/guardian consent is required. RP reserves the right to reject student’s withdrawal/deferment application if parent/guardian’s consent is not obtained within 1 week from the date of the application.
Student must inform their parent/guardian to provide consent to their application at Parent’s Portal ( under “For Your Attention” page. For more information, refer to Parent’s Portal user guide (

Please note that deferment/withdrawal requests made via phone or email will not be accepted as a valid application. In addition, deferment application with no supporting documents or invalid/insufficient supporting documents will be rejected.

To facilitate the submission of the deferment/withdrawal application, students are encouraged to speak to their Programme Chair in order to make an informed decision.

Deferment/Withdrawal Fees

Students who defer and withdraw may be liable to pay deferment/withdrawal fees, depending on the date they submit their application.

The following table shows the important periods of an academic term and the respective rates of deferment/withdrawal fees. 

Please note that the week in the table below refers to the week in the Academic Calendar.

Application Period to Withdraw/Defer Deferment/Withdrawal Fees   
More than 2 weeks before the start of the Semester
  • No deferment/withdrawal fees for all students
Within 2 weeks before the start of the Semester
  • 5% of tuition fees + annual supplementary fees for existing students (i.e students who have studied in RP for at least 1 semester)
  • No deferment/withdrawal fee for newly enrolled students
Week 1 of the Semester
  • 25% of tuition fees + annual supplementary fees
Week 2 or later in the Semester
  • 100% of tuition fees + annual supplementary fees


Deferment/Withdrawal applications applied on or after the first school day of Week 13 in any semester will not be processed. As such, the student’s module grades for the semester will be passed through the Board of Examiners (BOE) meeting. All polytechnic rules, regulations and policies, including RP’s dismissal policy will apply as the student is still considered as an enrolled student of RP.

Students will be notified of the deferment/withdrawal application outcome approximately four weeks after it is submitted with valid supporting documents and the student has settled the outstanding dues.

National Service

Students are not allowed to defer midway through their studies to enlist for National Service (NS).

NS eligible students who fall within one of the categories below (as at 1st January of the year of admission) must obtain approval for deferment from their full-time National Service (NS) in order to pursue their full-time studies at RP:

• those below 19 years old (for Secondary 4 Express Stream students)
• those below 20 years old (for Secondary 5 Normal Stream students); or
• those below 21 years old (Institute of Technical Education students)

Students may obtain a digital copy of the Letter of Certification (LOC) via the SNApp ( > Academic Matters > Letter of Certification) as a supporting document when applying for deferment from NS or in-camp training (ICT). 

Students are required to inform CMPB if they have changed their course of study in RP.

Deferment Period

Successfully deferred students are still required to abide by the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Rules of RP.

Students who have successfully deferred from their course of study must confirm their intention to resume their study by submitting this form ( at the end of their deferment period. Students who fail to notify RP of their intention to resume their study at the end of their deferment period will be deregistered from the polytechnic. They will not be allowed to resume their course of study if they do not indicate their intention to return within one year after they have been deregistered.

International Student's Pass

International students who are Student's Pass holders must surrender their pass to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore within 7 days upon receiving the deferment/withdrawal confirmation notification from RP.

This requirement is mandated by ICA and non-compliance may result in serious consequences for the student as deemed by ICA.

For more details, please log in to access your Student Handbook.