ECG Services

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Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Services

The RP Career Centre offers a range of ECG services such as career exploration, career workshops, ECG counselling, job searching, self-discovery, etc., to help you make informed career and upskilling decisions.

Job Searching

Job Search

  • Guidance on using job portals
  • Strategies on effective job hunting
  • Inquiry into Labour Market Insights
  • Coaching on résumé and cover letter writing
  • Acing interviews for internships and jobs
  • Personal branding & digital presence
  • Advisory on learning and employment initiatives by RP and Singapore  (e.g. SkillsFuture Work-Study programmes, SGUnited Jobs & Traineeships; WSG Career Starter Programme)

Programmes & Events

  • Year 1 & 2 ECG modules (G961, G962)
  • Advanced workshops on internship preparation
  • Post-Internship activities for work readiness
  • Résumé review clinic sessions
  • Mock interview practice sessions
  • e-Networking platforms at Career & Opportunity Fairs for job hiring, traineeships and continuous learning
  • Industry talks for occupational and job knowledge deepening
  • Graduate preparation for successful transition into the workforce
Learning Journey

Further Education

  • Planning for further education
  • Coaching on writing personal statements for university applications
  • Acing interviews for scholarships and university placements
  • Various education pathways (For RP students and staff. Login Required)
ECG Counselling

ECG Counselling (Group and Individual)

  • Exploring career interests, skills and work values
  • Employing diagnostic tools for skills gap analysis
  • Navigate pathways on course to career relatedness
  • Coaching on portfolio building
  • Career planning and management