Enhanced Alumni Skills Advancement Programme

Alumni Skills Advancement Programme (ASAP)

The Alumni Skills Advancement Programme will be extended to 31 March 2024
RP alumni who graduated in 2021 or prior, and have yet to fully utilise their three (3) ASAP course credits are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. The ASAP credits are applicable to the Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMC) or short courses commencing before 31 March 2024.


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Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMC)

SBMC are individual modules drawn from RP's Specialist Diploma and Part-time Diploma programmes, and are stackable towards attaining a Post-Diploma Certificate/Specialist Diploma or Modular Certificate/Part-time Diploma.

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Short Courses

Short courses are typically 1-5 days in duration that focus on emerging and job-ready skills which alumni can acquire based on their individual training needs.

Over 80 SBMCs and 200 short courses are available to alumni, in the following fields:

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Applied Teaching and Learning

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Advanced Manufacturing

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Applied Artificial Intelligence

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Applied Science

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Aviation Management

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Data Analytics and Tech-enabled Services

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Digital Media


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Health Management and Community Care

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Hospitality Management

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And Many More


  • Alumni who have fully utilised their three ASAP course credits will not receive further credit top-ups.
  • Alumni who signs up for a CET course using their ASAP credit but subsequently fails to show up for the course without valid reason, may be barred from utilising his/her remaining ASAP credits.
  • For SBMCs, alumni are allowed to select Modular Courses from the same or different Specialist Diplomas. For example, you can select 'Math for Machine Learning' from Specialist Diploma in Applied Artificial Intelligence, and ‘Digital Marketing Strategies’ from Specialist Diploma in Digital Business. This will utilise two out of three of the ASAP entitlements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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