Micro-Learning Courses (MLCs)

Republic Polytechnic's Academy for Continuing Education (RP ACE) offers flexible upskilling and reskilling opportunities. These eLearning courses are specially designed for working adults to expand and refresh their competencies at their own pace. 

Why RP ACE's MLCs?

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Micro-learning courses are free!

List Of Courses

The programmes are categorised based on key emerging skills. Attend these bite-sized eLearning programmes and stay prepared for the future. 

Applied Science

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  • Biorisk in Laboratory
    Discover how biological materials can pose as biorisks. Participants will also learn about risk classifications and hazards related to common laboratory procedures.
  • Infectious Disease Control
    Learn about the factors that affect the spread of infectious disease through this course. The programme will also cover the modes of transmission and how to break the chain of infection.
  • Introduction to Laboratory Biosafety
    As professionals working in a biological laboratory, it is a must to know the risk of potential infectious microorganisms. Acquire knowledge on how to define the levels of containment and the necessary preventive measures that should be put in place to ensure safety at the laboratory.
  • Molecular Biology
    Curious about molecular biology? Find out what it consists of through this course. Participants will also explore how DNA defines all organisms, gain an overview of the human papillomavirus, also known as HPV, and its current testing methods.

  • Organic Farming
    Find out what organic farming is all about through this course. Participants will also learn about its benefits towards farming and consumers. Singapore Standards for Organic Primary Produce will also be introduced as part of the course.

  • Safety in a Microbiology Laboratory
    It is common for many of us to take safety rules that are in place for granted, especially when performing routine laboratory procedures. Get a refresher to keep yourself safe and learn safety practices to follow while working in a microbiology laboratory through this course.

  • Stem Cell Technologies
    Stem cells can help us understand how diseases occur, replace damaged cells, and test new drugs and treatments. This course provides participants with an overview of the different types of stem cells, stem cell therapies, and the challenges of using such therapies.

Data Analytics

micro learning on data analytics
  • Introduction to the Internet of Things
    Learn the basics of an Internet of Things (IoT) system. Participants will be introduced to basic components of IoT such as the microprocessor unit, sensors, and various peripheral hardware that constitute an IoT system.

Digital Media

micro learning on digital media
  • 360 Virtual Tour Creation with Matterport
    Stay up-to-date with the latest technology and capture your audience’s attention. Learn how to create a virtual tour using a 360° video camera through this course. Participants will also be introduced to editing on Matterport.


micro learning on Entrepreneurship

Personal Development

micro learning personal development

  • Ace Your Online Interview in 6 Steps
    A positive impression is important when it comes to interviews – even those that are conducted virtually. Learn crucial steps, tips, and tricks for a successful online interview through this course.
  • Design Thinking to Enhance Audience Experience
    Design Thinking is a human-centred approach used to solve problems and enhance audience experience. Discover the five stages of design thinking through this course and be on your way to connect better with your target audience.  
  • Developing Self-Directed Learning in Learners
    Looking for an effective way to apply strategies to motivate learners? Through this course, participants will learn about Self-Directed Learning (SDL), and find out how to use the SDL Index to assess learning motivation of learners.

  • Enhancing Your Resume and Visibility Online
    Want to get noticed by hiring managers by learning how to write an effective resume? Participants will also learn the skills and knowledge to boost their online visibility. This course is recommended for fresh graduates and mid-careerists. 
  • Introduction to Instructional Design: The Addie Approach
    ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Develop, Implementation, and Evaluation. Acquire the fundamental understanding of the Addie approach through this taster course, and be better prepared to create effective lessons and training courses.

  • Introduction to Problem-Based Learning
    Get introduced to the Problem-based Learning approach through this course. You will also get the chance to explore opportunities to transform your teaching and enable learners to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

  • Introduction in Coaching and Mentoring for Workplace Learning
    Find out how to improve your people development competency through this course. Participants will acquire basic knowledge and skills in the context of project implementation, as well as learning design for transforming mind-sets in workplace environment through coaching and mentoring.

  • Prevention of COVID-19 Spread: Health and Safety Guide
    Learn about coronavirus and how to keep it at bay. Through this course, participants will be reminded of the various health and safety guidelines that should be followed to stay safe from coronavirus, such as COVID-19.   

Tech-enabled Services

micro learning on tech services
  • CRM and Customer Experience
    Experience management is crucial for every business. Manage your company’s relationship with customers better through this course, where you will learn about engagement and customer touchpoint.
  • Moving Your Lessons Online
    Through this course, participants will learn the tips and tricks that will help them get started in designing lessons for online learning. The course will also teach participants how to convert face-to-face courses to online formats.

Need Help with ULeap?

All RP ACE's MLCs are conducted digitally via ULeap (Learning Enabled through Active Participation), an app by e2i which offers quick, convenient, and bite-size courses.  

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