CPF Education Scheme

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Depending on the Available Withdrawal Limit for Education, and other CPF rules, students may use their own CPF savings, siblings’, spouse’s and parents’ (including step-parents’) CPF savings to pay for up to 100% of their subsidised Tuition Fee, subject to approval by the CPF Board.

How to Apply

Singapore Citizens/ Singapore Permanent Residents

Submit online application via the CPF Website. Students must have a Singpass.

International Students

Must submit hardcopy form as guarantor. CPF Education Loan Scheme will only start with effect from Semester 2 in the year of enrolment.

Application Period

Semester 1: 15 Feb - 30 Apr
Semester 2: 15 Sep - 30 Oct

For more information

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page or visit the CPF Website.

Note: For students who have applied for PSEA (Standing Order) and CPF Education Loan Scheme, please note that deduction will be made from PSEA first. Deduction from CPF account will start only when the fund in PSEA had been exhausted.