OCTOBER 2022 — From sustainable synthetic seafood to a mini-DNA sequencer, inventions from Singapore have made a splash on the global stage. 

It's undeniable — innovation has transformed the way we live. But what does it take to change the world, one idea at a time?

Take the Initiative to Step Up!

Jayven Koh and Eugene Lim, from RP School of Engineering, had not ridden a motorcycle before. However, when a classmate had his NETS CashCard stolen, they stepped up to prevent CashCard theft.

"We wanted to create a solution that ensures peace of mind for all motorcyclists," Jayven shares.

RP’s iDARE Entrepreneurial Challenge 2022 provided a platform for them to turn their idea into reality. Working closely with their mentors from RP — Ms Rachel Poo, Associate Lecturer, RP School of Management and Communication, Ms Tan Zhen Ling, Lecturer, RP School of Engineering, and Mr Lim Boon Hong, Manager, RP Office of Entrepreneurship Development (OED) — the team navigated key business and technical considerations as they conceptualised a solution.

The day of the iDARE finals proved eventful for the duo, even though it was their first time pitching in front of a large audience. Their invention, aptly named 'Cylock', features a self-installed security solution that helps prevent cashcard thefts in motor vehicles. This ingenious prototype landed them the champion spot.

Jayven Koh and Eugene Lim

Jayven Koh and Eugene Lim, from team Cylock, proudly display their iDARE trophy

Dream Big to Make Great Impact

Inspiration for Chloe Pang and Clinton Law — also from RP School of Engineering — came from another area of need. During COVID-19, teachers had to wear masks in class. Chloe and Clinton realised that masks made it far more challenging for children to visualise how to pronounce alphabets. This exacerbates difficulties when learning languages.

Their innovative technology emulates mouth movements by using a screen, and iDARE allowed them to engage with different stakeholders, sharing the vast potential of this idea. "The projected impact is to help at least 90% of those with speech disabilities around the world," Chloe explains. 

In the course of their iDARE journey, Chloe and Clinton received guidance from their mentors from RP OED — Mr Hazman Aziz, Mr Wilson Chen and Ms Shirley Yeo — as well as from their industry mentor, Mr Alex Tham (Regional Managing Director, Rest of Asia, IMI Precision Engineering). 

Their efforts paid off amidst heightened nerves and excitement, with the team winning first runner-up.

Chloe Pang and Clinton Law

Chloe Pang and Clinton Law, the creative minds behind AI.Novate

Strong Support for Tomorrow’s Innovators

When exploring the reasons behind their success, the teams highlighted the importance of RP’s enriching curriculum. 

"As RP modules are mostly guided by Problem-based Learning, we learnt to take initiative in discovering what 'we do not know' and 'what we need to find out'," Eugene remarks. 

Modules such as Engineering Design enabled Eugene and Jayven to bring their prototype to life. Entrepreneurship-related modules such as Starting Your Own Business primed the students for what to expect when developing their ideas. 

Beyond the curriculum, both teams also found support in the innovation-first mindset that RP encourages. "RP OED has always been there to help us out. They would find means of ensuring that we receive what we need to grow and nurture our ideas and innovations," affirms Clinton.

Dynamic Innovation Ecosystem

A Dynamic Innovation Ecosystem

With the experience gained, Jayven and Eugene hope to work towards a keyless design for their prototype and prepare for market launch. On their part, Chloe and Clinton hope to produce a demo of their product this year and bring it to market to test. 

Their aspirations are supported by RP, as part of our endeavour to build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. iDARE is one of many avenues for start-ups to embark on their journeys, with finalists receiving funding opportunities and mentorship to further develop their business.

Other avenues for start-ups include engaging courses, immersion programmes, and Entrepreneurial Partnership & Innovation Community (EPIC) facilities that enable collaboration and networking.

"We are actively collaborating with our partners to support RP's vision of building a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem," Mr Neo Gim Kian, Director, OED, RP, commented. "The aim is to grow our innovation community, deepen industry engagement, and accelerate the growth of our start-ups."

iDARE participants

iDARE participants receive invaluable experience during the event

Be Able to Transform Ideas into Realities

This vibrant culture is what paves the way for visionaries like Cylock and AI.Novate. The frameworks and approaches that students are exposed to at RP have led to solutions that that are well-aligned with industry needs, according to Mr Frank Lee, Managing Director, Jumpstart Disruptive Innovations (JDI) Pte. Ltd.

"RP-incubated innovations and start-ups have a keen focus on solving real-life problems with a clearer go-to-market strategy," he elaborates. 

Mr Lee also emphasises the importance of collaboration between industry partners and Institutes of Higher Learning, not just to share creative insights, but to create an ecosystem in which innovation can thrive. 

"An innovation ecosystem is not built in a day or five years — it is a decade (or longer) endeavour — but the legacy it leaves behind will benefit many!"

Calling all RP partners!

RP fosters collaboration, mentorship, and co-innovation opportunities dedicated to growing a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

Interested to advance the ecosystem with us? Get in touch with RP OED today.
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