JULY 2021 — Graduating students and alumni gained invaluable industry opportunities and insights through events such as RP’s Virtual Career & Opportunity Fair held in 2021, and the recent Joint Poly Career Fair.

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RP Virtual Career & Opportunity Fair

The first edition of RP’s Virtual Career & Opportunity Fair, which took place earlier this year, was well-received, registering a viewership of over 21,000. 

The fair itself generously offered over 2,900 job opportunities through industry-sponsored recruitment webinars and attracted close to 150 participating employers from key industries.

Fifty-five webinars across key industries and specialisations were hosted. The list included: Business & Hospitality, Education & Training, Engineering, Infocomm, Media & Design, Life Sciences, Healthcare & Sports, and Public & Uniformed Service.

Reflective of its theme, the event allowed our graduating cohort insights into their “Next Step Forward”. They got to explore different topics and fields, glimpsing pathways they might soon embark on for future career and study opportunities. Through this virtual fair, graduates also received useful tips such as how to ace digital interviews, and gained information about lifelong learning opportunities.

This support goes beyond the virtual fair. Through the RP Career Centre, a spectrum of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) services is available.

From career advice and workshops to actual job searches — anything and everything that a new job-seeker needs can be easily found on our ECG platform.

Webinar on Interview Skills and Portfolio Building

Fair-goers participating in a webinar on Interview Skills and Portfolio Building by the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

Joint Poly Virtual Career Fair

Held from 21 June till 2 July, the Joint Poly Virtual Career Fair 2021, organised by all five polytechnics in Singapore, provided perspectives on industry trends, as well as internships, traineeships, and work-study opportunities. Featuring live chats with prospective employers, this Fair was yet another opportunity for our students and graduates to gain valuable insights.

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