JANUARY 2021 — In Singapore, the attention has shifted to sustainable development as a key driver. With the increased focus on sustainability, RP has equipped our students — and campus — with the necessary tools to support this progressive movement.

Preparing Students for the New Economy

The timely launch of our two new courses, with a strategic focus in sustainability, ensures our students are well-prepared to tackle the new economy.

Launch of Diploma in Sustainable Built Environment

Launch of Diploma in Sustainable Built Environment

The Diploma in Sustainable Built Environment (DBSE) offered by RP School of Engineering has launched, which offers training in subjects spanning the entire Built Environment (BE) industry. Students will be equipped with a wide range of technical knowledge and skills that are highly-relevant to the BE sector, enabling them to adapt to a broad spectrum of jobs.

Launch of Diploma in Environmental & Marine Science

Launch of Diploma in Environmental & Marine Science

The Diploma in Environmental & Marine Science (DEMS) offered by RP School of Applied Science focuses on environmental and food sustainability, equipping students with skills that facilitate their involvement in aquaculture or environmental management and technology.

These courses are offered from Academic Year 2021.

Fostering Creative Collaborations


Fostering Creative Collaborations

On the industry front, RP has continued to establish and deepen ties through various initiatives. Partnering leading companies, our joint laboratories are equipped with top-tier equipment and research opportunities. Our latest facility, the Sustainable Built Environment Lab (SBEL) includes cutting-edge features that facilitate the teaching of green building technologies. 

In the collaboration space, a progressive new partnership with Crown Coffee, an eco-conscious start-up, has initiated new opportunities for our students in food waste management and urban farming projects.

Digesting the Matter


Digesting the Matter

RP has renewed our commitment to sustainable development by installing two food digesters in our food courts. With these digesters, 200 kilograms of waste can be sorted daily; in 2019, this enabled us to recycle two-thirds of our total food waste. RP students pursuing relevant diplomas will be able to use insights generated from these digesters to back real-world solutions and further their research.

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