FEBRUARY 2021 — Harnessing technology in air transport service, RP's partnership with mobility maestro, Skyports is on track to scaling greater heights.

Igniting the Electric Air Taxi Revolution

Skyports develops, builds, and operates vertiports — lift-off and landing pads for passenger and cargo Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft.

Through their collaboration with Volocopter, the leading German company in urban air mobility, Skyports aims to develop and launch an emission-free and electrically powered air taxi service within the next three years.

Saving Lives with Swift Supplies

Saving Lives with Swift Supplies

More efficient than traditional transportation methods, these cargo delivery drones help optimise supply chains across medical, e-commerce and logistics industries.

Scheduled and on-demand Skyports drones recently even began delivering COVID-19 test samples, testing kits, medicine, personal protective equipment and other critical medical supplies to UK hospitals in Scotland. Over the 90-day operation, Skyports has carried 900 patients’ medical samples and tests, as well as saved over 12,000 hours in waiting and transport time for COVID-19 test and pathology samples.

Each minute saved makes a world of difference for patients and medical personnel within this pandemic.

Pioneering Partners in A New Age of Air Transport

Skyports’ partnership with RP was sealed with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed on 3 February 2021 by Mr Ashley Chua, Senior Director (Industry Services and SkillsFuture), RP, and Mr Tay Yun Yuan, Head, Asia Pacific, Skyports.

RP students and staff now have access to pioneering Skyports initiatives ranging from terminal to passenger services. Through this partnership, RP will be collaborating with Skyports to set up the new vertiport for air taxi operations in Singapore. Both parties will work closely to present solutions through research and development projects for air taxi operations.

The company will also provide consultation support, giving expert advice for topics of interest, research and internship opportunities, while RP’s student and staff projects bring fresh ideas and traditional expertise to the table.

Diamond 40 Flight Stimulator Demonstration

Mr Tay Yun Yuan, Head, Asia Pacific, Skyports (second from left) attending a Diamond 40 Flight Simulator Demonstration with RP representatives during the MOU signing event

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