Thank you for your interest in Republic Polytechnic’s Enhanced Internship Programme.

As part of the SkillsFuture initiative, we welcome your company to join us in this national effort to champion skills development for the workforce. Studies have shown that companies who actively engage and offer a variety of learning experiences to Generation Y interns, are more likely to attract and retain the talent. Over 85 % of companies that have taken our interns have indicated that they would favourably consider hiring them as full-time employees.

To achieve optimal learning outcomes and work towards a positive win-win internship experience, we seek your cooperation to adopt the following best practices prevalently used by successful companies that we have partnered.

  1. Assign meaningful work that can enable interns to acquire or deepen skills that are related to their area of study.

  2. Provide opportunities for interns to engage in management/department meetings, project work, and/or job rotation so that they can develop wider appreciation of the company’s core businesses, operations and challenges.

  3. Encourage work interaction with different level of stakeholders and provide corresponding feedback that enables interns to enhance their employability skills such as problem-solving and communication skills, and develop professional work ethics. 

The Employer’s Guidelines for internship can be found at this link here. By submitting your request(s), your organisation has agreed to adhere to the Employer's Guidelines for Internship.

Internship placements are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and suitability of our students based on your request.  Please click here to see the internship period available for the respective diplomas.

If you have any queries, you may pose your questions using Ask Jamie. Alternatively, you may submit  your queries using the web-form at
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