Start-up Spotlight: BevEat

01 Nov 2017

  • Business Incubation Centre, Beveat website
    BevEat website

Republic Polytechnic alumnus, Aaron Soon, graduating with a Specialist Diploma in Mobile Applications, first incubated his social integration enterprise start-up BevEat in Republic Polytechnic. BevEat is a fully integrated eWallet and mobile point of sales (POS) solution that helps food & beverage, and retail sectors to increase productivity while enabling employment for persons with disabilities (PwD).

Supported by RP’s Business Incubation and key partnerships with special education schools such as Mountbatten Vocational School, BevEat’s POS system has proven to work well with PwD. BevEat also facilitates self-service ordering and payment, addressing labour shortages.

The BevEat app can be downloaded from both the Google Play and Apple stores. Visit the BevEat website to find out more.