EasiPlanner Software

Automatic Delivery Route Planning

Generate Optimised Routes in Seconds

Delivery route planning is a time-consuming work that many companies have to perform every day. While it is possible to do manual route planning, the work complexity increases very quickly as business expands (more delivery points, bigger fleet). Not only is manual planning time-consuming & slow, the end-result may also be sub-optimal.


Solutions - EasiPlanner

EasiPlanner uses an optimisation algorithm to generate faster & better results.

The planner simply uploads the required jobs into the cloud application, and the software will automatically generate the route sequence for the various vehicles within seconds – saving both time & effort. All the regular delivery constraints such as customer service time window, vehicle capacity & required service time would have been taken into consideration. If desired, the planner can also make further manual adjustments to finalise the plan.

EasiPlanner can be customised to include other unique constraints, and/or integrated into the company’s enterprise systems.