EasiTracker Software

Paperless Delivery Job Tracking

Real-Time Visibility to Meet Customers’Commit

For companies doing a lot of deliveries, having real-time visibility of delivery status is important.

Solutions - EasiTracker

EasiTracker allows companies to track both the status of their delivery jobs & the locations of their drivers at any time. It consists of two components – mobile phone application for the drivers, and a cloud based interface for the office staff.

The mobile phone application shows the drivers the job orders that are dispatched to them. It also provides navigation support to the delivery locations. When the driver completes the job, the application will automatically transmit the “proof of delivery” information (location image and/or customer signature) to a cloud server. As a result, paper records are eliminated.

In the office, the staff is able to track delivery status in real-time with the web interface. They can download transaction data at the end of the day and the historical data can remain on the cloud server for future analysis.

EasiTracker can be customised to track other types of real-time operations jobs besides delivery.