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Enrolment Guide for Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) students

Step-by-step guide to complete your enrolment. For more details, refer to our online enrolment guide.

Step 1: Accept course

Login via SingPass if you have a SingPass and MyInfo account. Otherwise, login to the Online Enrolment System with the following information:

  • Student ID (Refer to your enrolment letter sent to your registered email address)
  • NRIC/FIN/Passport/UIN
  • Date of Birth (DD//MM/YYYY)

Click on Course Acceptance to accept your diploma course.

Step 2: Confirm personal particulars and submit declaration

Click on Confirm Personal Particulars and enter the following information in Sections 1 - 9.

  • Section 1: Personal data/ Household details
  • Section 2: Contact Information
  • Section 3: Relations
  • Section 4: Emergency Contact
  • Section 5: Educational Details
  • Section 6: CCA Details
  • Section 7: Preferred Activities for LifeSkills Module
  • Section 8: Other Information
  • Section 9: Declaration
Step 3: Compulsory submissions 

Please submit all compulsory documents. Students who fail to submit all compulsory enrolment documents will be liable for deregistration from RP. Click here for a step-by-step instructions to resize your documents to 2MB or less for upload.

a) Parent/Guardian consent form
  • Submit your consent form through one of the following modes: (Applicable only to students who are below 21 years old as at 1 January 2022)

1) Signing via SingPass
  • Parent or guardian to login to SingPass to confirm their consent.

2) Print, Sign and Upload Form
  • Download parent/guardian consent form from the online enrolment system
  • Parent or guardian to print and complete form
  • Upload completed form under Step 3:Submit Compulsory Documents
b) NRIC/Identification Document
  • Scan and upload a coloured copy of your NRIC (front and back) or identification document under Step 3: Submit Compulsory Documents in the online enrolment system.
  • International students are required to scan and upload a coloured copy of their ICA Student's Pass (front and back) to the online enrolment system.
c) Upload photograph
  • Your photography must be taken in full colour with white background.
    For the detail photo guidelines, please click here.
  • Late submission of your photograph will
    • Delay in processing your e-Student Card in RP Connect.
    • Delay RP in sending your information to TransitLink which is required for the application of your Diploma Student Concession Card*.

*If you are travelling by public transport, you shall apply for the Diploma Student Concession Card through TransitLink. We will notify you via SMS to proceed with the application once your particulars have been submitted to TransitLink. Click here to find out more about the cards.

Click to upload your photograph

Step 4: Upload other enrolment documents

In this step, you are required to submit the following documents:

  • For selected courses only.  Please refer to Table 1 for the list of enrolled courses requiring (a) Medical report or (b) specific test forms such as Color Vision and/or Audiometry test.
  • Medical supporting documents (if you have declared medical conditions in your declaration under Step 2 of the online enrolment)
  • Refer to the following tables for more details and the follow-ups needed for the respective documents.

Please submit all compulsory documents. Students who fail to submit all compulsory enrolment documents will be liable for deregistration from RP. 

1) Medical report form (if applicable)
  • Download your medical report form, pre-filled with your personal information from the online enrolment system.
  • Proceed for medical check-up with the form and have your doctor endorse the medical report form.
  • International students are required to download the ICA medical examination report and have it completed by a registered General Practitioner (GP) in Singapore. (click here to download)
  • Upload the softcopy of the completed medical report form to the online enrolment system under Step 4: Download/Upload.
2) Colour vision test form (if applicable)
  • Download your colour vision form, pre-filled with your personal information from the online enrolment system.
  • Go for the colour vision test and have your doctor endorse the form.
  • Upload the softcopy of the completed colour vision test form to the online enrolment system under Step 4: Download/Upload.
3) Audiometry report (if applicable)
  • There is no downloadable form for the audiometry test from the online enrolment system.
  • Go for the audiometry test.
  • Upload the softcopy of the audiometry report that you have obtained from the audiologist to the online enrolment system under Step 4: Download/Upload.
Step 5: Pay PFP course fee

The PFP course fees are payable before semester starts. Please refer to the fee advice attached in your enrolment email for more detailsand deadlline. 

Methods of payment:

(a) Pay via SAM Web and Mobile

Payment can be made online at via Credit Card/ Debit Card.

Please note to : 
1) Indicate your Student ID and the amount payable on-screen 
2) Retain a copy of the payment receipt once payment is made

(b) Self-service Automated Machine (SAM)

Network Electronic Transfers (NETs) payment can be made using an ATM card at SAM machines island-wide. Please key your Student ID and the amount payable.

(c) E-payment 

Payment to be made online using major credit and debit cards (VISA and MasterCard) and PayNow. Please pay via this link - Select “Other” under payment type and indicate “<PFP Fee>” under Remarks.

Financial Scheme available for PFP students

Post Secondary Education Account Scheme (administered by MOE)
This scheme allows students to use PSEA Funds to pay for PFP course fees. To apply, please submit the PSEA ad hoc withdrawal application online. Applicants are to check on the available funds in PSEA Account (not Edusave Account) through 6260 0777 before submission. For Account Holder who is 21 years old and above, student has to login using student’s SingPass. For Account holder who is below 21 years old, a parent/legal guardian is required to submit the application on behalf of the account holder via his/her SingPass.

For students who are using siblings’ PSEA, please download the PSEA Ad Hoc Withdrawal Form and email the completed application form to


Step 6: Additional notes for International students
1) Conditions for International Students
  • International students must appoint a local emergency contact if they do not have a parent or guardian who resides in Singapore.
  • International students must collect their Student’s Pass issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) before making payment for their PFP course fees.
  • All international students are required to undergo a medical examination and submit the completed RP medical report form, regardless of the course they are enrolling to. If the course they are enrolling into requires Colour Vision Test, International students are not required to go for a separate Colour Vision test as this is included in the RP medical report. However, if any International students are enrolling into DMPD or DSA, they are required to go for the Audiometry Test.  
  • If any of the above conditions are not met, RP reserves the right to:
    • Rescind the course offer
    • Void any part of the enrolment completed
    • Disallow the students to complete the enrolment
    • Administratively withdraw the student’s enrolment