MAY 2021 — RP’s 16th Graduation Ceremony in 2021 was marked by a record number of 790 Continuing Education and Training (CET) graduands and 4,138 Pre-Employment Training (PET) graduands.

Supporting an Adaptable and Skilled Workforce

During the ceremony, Guest-of-Honour Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for Social and Family Development & Second Minister for Health, emphasised the importance of lifelong learning, citing the need to keep up with skills development to remain adaptable in evolving times.

In line with this mandate, RP has been driving lifelong learning initiatives by providing numerous opportunities for upskilling and education. The creation of industry-relevant courses, for example, is a major part of this support. Over the past two years, the number of CET courses offered by RP has increased by more than 40%.

Minister Masagos and Special Award Winners

Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for Social and Family Development & Second Minister for Health, and the Special Award Winners at RP's Graduation Ceremony in 2021

Providing Industry-Relevant Courses

By thoroughly assessing and understanding the industry before designing our courses, RP has curated over 380 highly-relevant programmes and courses.

Principal/CEO of RP Mr Yeo Li Pheow shares, “We now offer a full suite of CET programmes that cater to the learning needs of working professionals at every point of their career.”

Supporting an Adaptable and Skilled Workforce

One of our newest CET courses is the Specialist Diploma in DevOps. Jointly launched with Temasek Polytechnic (TP), this specialist diploma teaches learners how to use digital software to improve enterprise productivity and innovation.

Development and Operations (DevOps) is of particular importance today, as the integration of both sides of the software development coin allows for increased efficiency, a faster turnover for delivery, and faster innovation. The Specialist Diploma in DevOps is one of six new specialist diplomas and part-time diploma programmes provided by RP in 2021, where learners earn a full-fledged specialist diploma or diploma certification at the end of the programme.

Promoting Lifelong Learning for RP Alumni through ASAP

Good news for RP Alumni!

RP will continue to offer the Enhanced Alumni Skills Advancement Programme (ASAP) to our graduating classes. ASAP offers over 80 Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMCs) and 200 SkillsFuture (SF) Series courses, spanning a variety of industries and topics. Through ASAP, RP alumni can also enjoy free enrolment for their first three courses, providing a useful stepping-stone for those who seek to upskill themselves.

Both ASAP and our full-qualification courses are some examples of RP’s commitment to future-proof and enable learners of all ages, by offering short, self-paced and impactful learning.

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