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AY2023 Laptop Assistance (Opportunity Fund) is closed. 

Applications and claims cannot be accepted as the laptop assistance scheme has closed. 

Advisory for 2024 Newly Enrolled Students (Important)

To access Financial Assistance, Scholarship System (FAST) for Bursary application, new students are required to complete Step 1 to 3. Complete step 4 for laptop configuration for access to RP intranet, RP LEO and RP OASIS systems.

Step 1: Download RP Connect App
Step 2: Acknowledge IT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Step 3: Reset Password
Step 4: Laptop Configuration

For Guide on Self-Configuration and Onboarding (Guide A): Click here

  • Perform the configuration when you receive an email from with the following subject "Preparation of laptop for use in RP".
  • For IT related queries:

AY2024 RP Laptop Assistance (Opportunity Fund)

Newly enrolled students will be advised at a later date, via RP email, on the application procedures for laptop assistance, if assessed to be eligible for the scheme.

The RP Laptop Assistance (Opportunity Fund)
provides a one-time subsidy of up to $1,000 per candidature to eligible Singapore Citizen students for their laptop purchase. This is a reimbursement scheme. Students should purchase a laptop model that meets the minimum technical specifications of their diplomas but avoid extravagance.

Application Period 
 May 2024 - Dec 2024

Application Process

  • Students are required to first apply for government-funded bursary. 
  • After the bursary application has been processed, the outcome will be sent to the student's RP email address. 
  • Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be provided a link to apply for laptop assistance and upload their purchase receipt. 

Students may purchase a laptop before receiving the outcome of their bursary application, but are reminded that eligibility for laptop assistance is based on the income assessment from their bursary application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • First year or PFP students 
  • Student must be awarded HECB Tier 1/Tier 2 or DFP Bursary of the current academic year before applying for the laptop assistance scheme
  • Singaporean full-time (Diploma or PFP) student subsidised under MOE Tuition Grant 
  • Not a previous recipient of RP laptop assistance
Income Criteria Reimbursement Amount
Gross Per Capita Income (PCI) ≤ $1,100 or
Gross Household Income (GHI) ≤ $4,400 

Income corresponding to one of these bursary tiers:
- Higher Education Community Bursary Tier 1 (HECB Tier 1)
- Higher Education Community Bursary Tier 2 (HECB Tier 2)
- Diploma Foundation Programme Bursary (DFPB)
 Up to $1,000  

Important Things to Note for Reimbursement of Laptop Purchase

Purchase of Laptop Receipt/Reimbursement
  1. Purchase must be made in student's name. Make the necessary arrangements with the vendor/shop to have the student's name printed on the receipt. 

  2. Reimbursement is only for the purchase of a Windows-based laptop. It DOES NOT include reimbursement for any other accessories.  

    The following devices are not allowed for reimbursement: 
    - Desktops
    - Tablets such as iPads and Samsung Tabs
    - Non-Windows devices such as Chromebook
    - MacBook

  3. You can choose to purchase your laptop from the following options: 
    - Any local PC retail shop
    - Any local online supplier 
    - One of RP's appointed vendors (Under "Purchase a Laptop" tab - Click here

  4. Laptop cannot be purchased from community marketplace/classified platforms (e.g. Carousell, Gumtree, Locanto).

  5. Refer to the laptop requirements for your respective course - Click here
  1. Eligible applicants (after receiving bursary outcome) are required to submit a clear scanned copy of their purchase receipt (all pages) via the FAST

  2. Refer to the RP Laptop Assistance Guide (including FAQs) to submit purchase receipt via the FAST

  3. Ensure that the company-issued receipt (with logo) is: 
    - In YOUR FULL NAME as reflected in RP's enrolment letter
    - In Singapore Dollars 
    Purchased in AY2024 (Feb 2024 onwards)

    *Ineligible receipts or receipts without the above information will not be accepted. An order confirmation slip is also not accepted. The laptop must be delivered to you if the purchase is made online. 

  4. The reimbursed funds will be credited into your registered GIRO/PayNow account with RP, about 3 months AFTER submission of the receipt/invoice. 

  5. Ensure that you have also submitted your GIRO/PayNow details, or the reimbursement will be delayed.   



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