Library Etiquette

General Rules

  • Smoking is not allowed in the Library.
  • Library members must abide by the Polytechnic’s rules on attire.
  • Library users must keep the Library clean and tidy. All litter must be cleared and disposed of in the bins provided in the Library.
  • Silence must be observed at all times.
  • Library staff may ask library users causing disturbances to others to leave the Library.
  • Seats in the Library may not be reserved.
  • No food and drinks allowed in the Library. Only food and drinks from the library café, may be consumed within the café.

Library Transactions

  • Library materials may not be removed from the Library unless they have been checked out at the self-service borrowing machines located near the Library entrance.
  • Staff and Students members must produce their valid Staff / Student card when borrowing materials. All External library members must produce a valid Library Membership card issued by the Republic Polytechnic. Borrowing must be done in person. Members must ensure the library materials have been properly checked out to them before leaving the library. More information on membership can be found in the Membership information pages.
  • All library materials must be returned through the book-drop situated at the Library entrance. Republic Polytechnic Library materials must be returned to Republic Polytechnic Library (or at public libraries).
  • Members must ensure that materials checked out to them are returned or renewed on or before the date due. Overdue notices sent by the Library serve only as a reminder and non-receipt of the notices does not absolve any member from paying fines.
  • All transactions will be done electronically at the Library Information Counter at Library South. Cash will not be accepted.
  • All books and personal belongings must be shown to the staff at the Library Information Counter whenever required to do so.
  • Library membership cards are not transferable and must be produced whenever requested by Library staff.
  • Students and staff of the Republic Polytechnic must report loss of their Staff / Student cards to the One-Stop Student Centre. External library members must report loss of their cards to the Librarian. All borrowing privileges will be suspended until a new membership card has been issued.
  • The Library reserves the right to recall library material on loan. Members must return recalled materials promptly.

Library and Personal Property

  • Library users must keep all personal belongings including notebooks with them at all times while in the Library premise.
  • The Library will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings (including notebooks) in the Library.
  • Loss of Library materials must be reported to the Librarian immediately.
  • Damaging library material is an offence. Members caught damaging library materials will be required to pay for the cost of the materials plus an administrative fee of S$10.70 per item (inclusive of GST). All borrowing privileges will be suspended until all payments are settled. Students caught damaging / stealing Library materials will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Polytechnic.