Library Membership Fees

Library Membership Type 2023 Annual Membership Fees
(Inclusive of 8% GST w.e.f. 1 January 2023) 
RP Alumni (Club Republic Card)  $54.00

Borrowing Privileges for Alumni Members

RP Library membership is available to graduates at $54.00 (inclusive of 8% GST) per year. The library loan scheme is as follows:

Item Loan Limit Loan Period Overdue Fines
Lending Books 6 14 days 50 cents per item per day
Reference Books; RQ (Quick Reference) Books & RQ ATT (Attachments) Use in Library Use in Library Use in Library
Periodicals 3 3 days 50 cents per item per day
CDROM 6 14 days 50 cents per day
DVD/Videos No loan No loan No loan

Click here for more information on Club Republic Membership.

Loan Policies

  • The loan period is according to calendar days. However, when a public holiday falls on the day an item is due, the next working day is taken as the due date.
  • You are allowed a 1 time renewal of your borrowed item if there is no reservation on it. You can renew via the library catalogue. You can reserve up to 5 items.
  • Library members must produce their valid membership card when borrowing library materials.
  • Library members are held responsible for all materials charged to their card. They are also responsible for any damage found in the library materials when returned. Library members are advised to report to the Library staff any damage found before borrowing any library material.
  • Reminders will be sent via email. These serve only as a reminder and non-receipt of the reminder does not absolve any member from paying fines.
  • Membership privileges, including the privilege to renew item loans, will be suspended if there are fines or overdue items outstanding in the member's account. Membership privileges will be restored once the outstanding charges are settled.
  • Borrowed item which has been overdue by 60 days, it will be treated as lost. Lost charges include the cost of items plus applicable tax and the cost of processing of items at prevailing rates.
  • New due dates will be calculated from the date of renewal request.

Payment of Fines

All payments will be done electronically at the Library Information Counter. Cash payment will not be accepted.

Return of Library Materials

  • All library materials with exception of corporate passes can be returned at RP or National Library Board Libraries book-drops with effect from July 2013.
  • The commitment from both partners is to cancel the loans of items by the next working day.
  • If you have items that are due today (or already overdue), it is best to return them at the place you have borrowed them from to minimise the incurrence of fines.
  • All library materials must be returned to the Library when recalled.

Lost Library Materials

  • Library members must report loss of materials to the Library. Fines will be calculated according to the rates of fines from the date due to the date when the material was reported lost or, if the item is subsequently found, till the date the material is returned.
  • Library members who lose materials charged to them are liable to pay for the cost of the material as well as an administrative charge of $10.80 (inclusive of 8% GST). There will be no refund once payment is made even if the lost item is found later.

Membership Renewal

  • Library membership of paying members will be renewed upon payment of the annual subscription fee at the Republic Polytechnic Library.