Diploma Plus Certificate in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship (DPCBIE)

School of Management and Communications, Diploma Plus Certificate in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship(DPCBIE)

What You Will Learn

Innovation is key to problem-solving, regardless of industry – be it business, healthcare, education or even for non-profit. 

The Diploma Plus Certificate in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship (DPCBIE) will prepare you for real-life workplace challenges by nurturing your creativity and innovation skills. 

Equip yourself with entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills that will both serve you well in the business arena and in your own personal life. 

During the course, you will work in teams to generate your own business idea as part of your assignment. Learn first-hand how to identify business opportunities in problems, develop user-centric business solutions and deliver them to customers – all while you sharpen your critical thinking, troubleshooting and communication skills.

And if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you can continue to pursue your dreams after the course and make your DPCBIE business idea a reality by:

  • Participating in local and international business plan competitions
    Adapt your business idea from the DPCBIE programme for competitions such as iDARE Entrepreneurial Challenge and Open Innovation Challenge.

  • Incubating your start-up idea at the Enterprise Services Centre
    Tap into the expertise of both the Academic and Industry mentors at the Enterprise Services Centre. Refine your DPCBIE business idea with input from venture capitalists, business angels and other key industry players like SPRING Singapore. Access the full range of funding opportunities and schemes available to start-ups in Singapore to create your prototype, and launch your business at the Incubation Centre.

  • Start-up Accelerator Programme@RP
    This is an accelerator programme that will help you to deepen your entrepreneurial skills as well as assess the commercial viability of your business idea.

  • Industry Immersion Programme Alternative
    Are you an aspiring entrepreneur from the RP School of Infocomm? The Industry Immersion Programme Alternative is the perfect launch-pad for you to incubate your DPCBIE business idea – and you can even submit it as your final-year project!


Each module costs $140 (excluding GST), which you are required to pay before it commences.

If you are interested in pursuing a DPCIBE but need financial assistance, please contact Student Support.


For enquiries, please email Ms Teng Hui Yu .


The course consists of three modules:

Module 1: Business Innovation and Creativity

Gives an overview of the innovative product/service development process. You will learn concepts of innovation and creativity, the drivers of success for startups and explore startup opportunities. Through the module, you ideate, screen and demonstrate the feasibilities of their ideas in a potential startup enterprise. 

Module 2: Tools for Business Innovation

Introduces popular business innovation tools such as Design Thinking and System Thinking. These tools are used in start-ups, big established corporations, government and social service. Through the module, you will gain deep insights about users (the core of design thinking), define and reframe problems, and generate solutions or alternative approaches that are more effective than those that already exist.   

Module 3: Introduction to Business Canvas

Introduces Business modeling as a way to experiment and test one’s hypothesis for creating and capturing value. Designed specifically to equip you with core foundational know-how in setting up a business, this module brings you through the value creation process from generating and evaluating various business ideas to the processes and methodologies needed to take a creative idea all the way to market. 


Leveraging on RP’s Problem-based Learning approach, the course will teach you business and entrepreneurship fundamentals through interactive seminars, group discussions, case studies, multimedia resources, activities, and worksheets.


There are no examinations. You will be assessed entirely on course assignments and attendance. There is also no Reflection Journal component to this course.

Graduation Criteria

A minimum 80% attendance rate is required to pass each module.

You will need to pass all three modules in order to receive the Diploma Plus Certificate. Otherwise, you will only be awarded a certificate for the module that you pass.

You may retake a module if you fail it. But you must ultimately pass all three modules within eight months in order to be awarded the Diploma Plus Certificate.


DPCBIE classes are held on weekday evenings during term time, and weekday mornings and afternoons during school holidays.

There will be no lessons during the Mid Semester Assessment and End Semester Examination periods.

There will also be no lessons on public holidays.

Click here to view the Academic Year 2018/2019 course timetable.

The DPCIBE programme is open to all Republic Polytechnic Year 1 students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in Semester 1.2.

The estimated cohort intake for Academic Year 2018/2019 is estimated to be 40. Acceptance is based on merit. Applicants with better scores will be considered for admission first, subject to the availability of vacancies.

You are encouraged to apply to the course first by WHEN if you are interested, regardless of your cumulative GPA score in Semester 1.2.

If your application is successful, you will be notified WHEN and commence the programme in Semester 1 in AY2018/19.

To apply, please email the Programme Head.

Further Studies

Diploma Plus Certificate in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship prepares graduates for further education in the university in areas related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a future career in starting up their own innovative enterprise.

Last updated on 23 Dec 2019