Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Sport Science and Wellness)


About the Course

The Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Sport Science and Wellness) prepares individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to support the growing needs of the sport and fitness industry.  Upon completion of the programme, graduates will have specialised knowledge in sport science practices that meets the demand in both public and private sectors.

Target Audience

Coaches, athletes, fitness trainers, Physical Education teachers, physiotherapists, nurses, sport trainers, health and fitness enthusiasts.

What is so unique about this programme?

Students will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Sports and exercise prescription
  • Nutrition
  • Health and wellness

This programme is a collaboration between Republic Polytechnic (RP) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). There will be an advancement for students to pursue the Bachelor of Sports and Physical Educator with Minor at SUSS, if they meet the entry requirement.

Under the Work-Study Post-Diploma programme, you may enjoy additional benefits such as sign-on incentive with full-time employment, assigned company mentor, well-structured training, and career advancement opportunities.

How often do I need to attend the course?

Lessons will be held at RP ACE @ Woodlands and Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Number of Lessons Duration 
3 times a week 7pm – 10:00pm

Note: Some lessons will be conducted via online learning.

Participants will be awarded the Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) upon successful completion of each certificate programme. The Specialist Diploma in Sport Science and Wellness will be issued upon meeting 50% of attendance requirement and passing the assessment criteria of both PDCs.

Certification Modules
Health and Wellness (135 hours)
  1. Fitness and Conditioning*
  2. Sport and Exercise Nutrition*
  3. Wellness and Health Management*
Sport Science (105 hours)
  1. Exercise Physiology
  2. Motor Development, Control and Learning
  3. Applied Sport Psychology

 This includes self-learning hours in the form of e-learning, assessments, case study analysis and revision required by the module.

*For Non Work-Study Programme: Students will complete a RP-based Project on top of the curriculum hours

* For Work-Study Programme: Students will complete a company-based OJT on top of the curriculum hours

Module Synopses

1. Post-Diploma Certificate in Health and Wellness 

Fitness and Conditioning

This module aims to equip students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required in sports and exercise prescription for athletes and the general population. This module includes implementations of the different phases of training in a periodisation programme, which includes muscular endurance, strength, power, speed, quickness, and agility, and conditioning assessment and training. Students will also develop an appreciation of assessing and analysing traditional and popular exercise programmes used presently in the sporting and fitness industry.

Sport and Exercise Nutrition

This module aims to provide an overview of nutrition towards exercise and sports performance though the human life cycle. Topics include energy balance and nutrient requirements for children through to seniors; nutrition recommendations to enhance performance and recovery in strength, endurance and team sports; and nutritional considerations for special populations such as diabetics and vegans. The module also aims to address issues concerning ergogenic supplementation, eating disorders and nutritional assessment of individuals. The topics will be taught using examples of athletes at various life stages along with case studies from the sporting world to provide in-context application of sport nutrition principles.

Wellness and Health Management

This module aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to formulate strategies and interventions to improve the state of health and wellness in identified populations from across the lifespan – including early childhood, youth, corporate and ageing sectors. Participants will gain competence in identifying and utilising appropriate operational and theoretical frameworks to conduct population needs assessment and implement horizontal and vertical integrated public health interventions.
2. Post-Diploma Certificate in Sport Science 

Exercise Physiology

This course provides students with the applied knowledge of the physiological and biochemical alterations occurring in the human body due to the physical stress of exercise. Emphasis is placed on understanding the functional changes that result from acute and chronic exercise. Laboratory sessions are included as a means to review and enhance understanding as students observe the physiological responses and adaptations that occur during physical activity and apply assessments used in the field of exercise physiology.

Motor Development, Control and Learning

This course provides fundamental knowledge of how the development of body systems influences the emergence of motor milestones and how the central nervous system controls movements to facilitate performance and acquisition of motor skills. Important topics including pre- and post-natal development, processes of motor learning and instructional strategies related to skill acquisition will be covered through a series of lectures, assignments and practical exercises.

Applied Sport Psychology

This course addresses the psychological factors and skills needed to facilitate peak performances in sport and other competitive situations. The focus of study examines the latest research and best practices of sport performance enhancement through the application of basic mental skills; composure and concentration skills; confidence and adversity-coping skills; cohesion and team dynamics strategies; and the periodization of mental skills training.
New Intake CommencementDurationMode and VenueScheduleApplication Start and End Date
June 2024Work-study Programme sponsorship period:
12 months
Face-to-face lesson at Republic PolytechnicClick hereJanuary - March 2024

Application outcome will be released at least 3 weeks prior to course commencement

Note: RP reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any programme and amend information without prior notice.

WSP Eligibility

Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who are: 

  • within three years of graduation from the Polytechnics or the Operational Ready Date (ORD) for full-time National Servicemen, or
  • within five years of graduation from the Polytechnics, and if their employer is a participating company.

Course Entry Requirement

Applicants should be a graduate of a feeder programme as listed here.

Admission will be reviewed and approved by the polytechnic on a case-by-case basis.

Please click here to view the updated course schedule and fees on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal (STEP).
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